Monday, September 12, 2011


Lately I am finding myself researching protein.

With my kidney disease, my body has a problem with protein.  I have to limit the amount of it that I eat every single day.  Past few months I have switched to Vegetarian diet and I am attempting to go Raw and Vegan with time.  However, as I research, I find that some of the vegetable proteins are just as dangerous for me as animal proteins.

Most websites I am seeing/researching offer high protein options to substitute for the meat.  This unfortunately is not what I need.  I need little to no protein in majority of the food I consume in a daily basis.  I am trying to not exceed the minimum amount required for me which is 40 grams a day.  (FYI an egg has about 7 grams of protein)

At my last raw food class I had a dish that involved Kelp Noodles.  These were actually awesome.  I plan on doing a post on the dish itself shortly.  It was a mock fetucinni alfredo.  It was pretty good.  Can't wait to get my Vitamix to try it out.  I did it in my food processor and was a bit more chunky than at the Raw class.

Need to ask Whole Foods about a class that focuses on LOW PROTEIN!  I can't seem to find a class on it anywhere!


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