This page will list everything K-Drama, K-Pop, J-Rock, etc.
Pretty much everything that I love and is influenced my life in the Asian Culture.

My Top Ten Kisses

My Top Ten Shows

Here is where I will keep an updated list of shows to Date.

Links to other websites that I have discovered and loving every minute reading, listening, or watching.

If you want to learn how to speak Korean:

If you want to watch K-Dramas, J-drama, T-Drama, etc:



These three also have Apps you can download to your Ipod and DramaFever is also available on the Roku!!!! (Oh how I love my Roku!)

Now for other sites I feel are noteworthy. 

If you want to get an excellent review of a possible K-Drama (or A-Drama to cover them all) I highly recommend my Unnie Jess and Dongsaeng Shannen aka The Crazy Ahjummas at their blog:
They also can be found on Facebook as well at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-crazy-ahjummas/336988683021748 .

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