I have always had a fascination with "vintage" clothing.  I don't necessary dress this way because I have always been ashamed of my weight and thought I would look silly.  I have found some fabulous blogs of women in various sizes dressing in the styles I love.

I admit, I do not currently own alot of vintage clothing.  Most of my vintage is in the bohemian style of the late 60's and 70's.  Recently one of my cousins posted a fantastic photo of my maternal grandmother Sophie.  It was the first time I have ever seen my grandmother so "young".  I have decided that I want my first vintage outfit to be in honor of her and will be trying to either find a dress similar to this style and print or I will bust out my sewing machine (which I am very much a novice) and attempt to sew it myself.   So if you are reading this and you sew, would you happen to know a pattern # that I can research/purchase to make this dress?  If so, please send me an email to and in the Subject header put "Sophie's Dress" so I know you are not a spammer.

My maternal Grandmother Sophie.

My paternal Grandmother Hazel holding my father.

I wonder which grandmother I look like more?  

Me with hair 2004 after my first son was born.

I hope you check them out and enjoy them as much as I do. I will try to add their pins on this page as I find new ones. But I am hoping to list everything I love vintage here. FOR THE RECORD, no links provided on this page are paying me a dime for spreading their good word by sharing their websites. I genuinely love these blogs and read them frequently!


Va-Voom Vintage

The very first vintage blog I found was that of a beautiful blonde bombshell named Brittany. As I began reading her blog, I became aware that I am already a fan of her mother's work. Her mother is artist Mickie Mueller! It seems to me that this family is blessed with talent in various fields I love.

Bunny's Vintage Victory
From Brittany's page I learned about her friend Bunny. Bunny's blog is chock full of information as well! From her I share a love for the beautiful Marilyn Monroe and old TCM movies. Bunny definitely is another page I go to for inspiration and read often.

The Glamorous Housewife
Bethany is the vintage vixen of this website offering inspirations of vintage lifestyle ranging from Fashion, Entertaining, Cooking, & Domestic Design. She is always looking as cute as a button rocking vintage fashions.

There is also a blog that I just started reading about a vintage girl right here in Michigan, but the computer I was using previously crashed and that is where her site was bookmarked.  I had just began to explore her blog so hopefully soon, I will be able to relocate her and add her to this list! 

Other things here in Michgian I will be researching this upcoming year in 2013 include not only blogs but also physical places here in Michigan.  A few I have found on the net are:  (Information below are results from a google search.  I have not researched them yet, they are on my list to check out!)
Features vintage Wedding Gowns for any vintage inspired brides out there! (Ann Arnor, MI)

The Star Vintage Clothing Store Ann Arbor, MI
This vintage clothing store is located at 322 S. State Street.

Showtime clothing (313) 857-9280
5708 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, 48202

Mother Fletcher's (248) 398-4816

234 West 9 Mile Road, Detroit, Michigan, 48220

Apple Anne's Vintage Clothing (734) 481-0555
29 east Cross Street, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 48198
Glad Rags 

814 Columbus Ave, Bay City, MI 47808  (Saginaw, MI)

The Secret Closet in Romeo, MI

Lucky 7 Fashions in Harrison Twp

Blogs I have recently found as well (not isolated to Michigan):

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