Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Menu Plan

This week will be a very cold cold week.  I haven't had the opportunity to go out and do my "big" grocery shopping that I normally do on the weekends.  So we will be eating what we have on hand from the freezer this week.  This week will be a heavy red meat week as our freezer is packed with it.

We are taking the children bowling today so it will be fast food most likely.

Taco Tuesday.  Lancer loves Taco Tuesday's.  It's been a while so it is making a come back this week.
I will also be making a sweet corn bread to go with it.  I will be eating a salad.


Venison Steak
Wild Rice mix made with beef broth instead of water for more flavor

Fish Sticks (for the boys) with Mac n Cheese

Not planned because I hope to go grocery shopping this day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

House Update - Invasion

Please take note.

If you value your health, currently stay away from our home...we have been invaded by the "super" flu going around.

This is the first day I am able to even attempt to sit at a computer without my trusty that should tell you what kind of week we have been having.

It first started off with the oldest boy coming home on Wednesday and saying he was not feeling well.  From 7pm to around 4am the following morning, every half hour he was sick.  I just had my Benlysta Infusion so hubby braved it out with the boy not getting any sleep for himself knowing that I should not be around our boy.  

Next on the list was the baby....he began by waking up in the middle of Friday night, sheets covered and screaming....we cleaned him, sprayed his matress with lysol and flipped it (its a futon so able to dry while being flipped) put new sheets on it.  Once again daddy was the brave knight in shinning armor.  He stayed up with baby with little to no sleep. 

Saturday night, the super flu took me as a victim.  I won't go into much detail but it has not been pretty.  With the boys as it seemed to be a 24 hour virus, its more of a 5 day affair for me.  Last time I got sick was during the course of last night so I am not out of the woods yet.  I have lost 9 pounds, not exactly the way I wish to lose weight.

Poor daddy is feeling the bunt of all his good deeds...he is sick as well.  We attempt to rotate taking care of the children's needs besides trying to take care of each other as well. 

I wish there was someone with super immune strength that we could hire and take care of all of us...but since I know there won't be any takers, it may be quite quiet around here for a while.

Hoping you don't get the flu!

Crystal T.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Meal Plan

Some may notice that the topics I will be blogging about have changed. 
I will start to slowly phase out some of the older labels in attempt of streamlining the label categories.

So today is Monday's Meal Plan.  Tomorrow I will be going to the hospital for my monthly infusion of Benlysta.  I am so looking forward to it.  Because of the holidays I am a week later than normal and my body can tell the difference.  I am starting to feel worse and worse each day.  So tomorrow you will notice that I am primarly will be focusing on liquids for myself for the next few days.  This is something normal for me as I have learned from the past, eating on days I get my infusion plus the day or two after, I throw up alot to be frank.  It just hurts less if it happens with liquid instead of solid foods.   I also have noticed when I juice or soup, the throwing up tends to be alot less.

Anyway, sorry to gross you out.  If you are still reading here is what the boys will be eating.  I will try to add photos later if I can figure out how to upload them from my ipod.  My ipod and computer don't seem to like one another.  That is what I get for using a dinosaur computer.

General rule in my home is that you have to try one of the two meals (mom's or dad's) then if you don't like it, you can have an alternative but you have to wait until we are done eating because you don't want to eat what I have cooked.

(Chili for all of us) 
Boys = Venision with red kidney beans for the guys topped with cheddar cheese and frito chips (aka Frito Pie)
Me = Vegetarian Version I have made in the past and was lucky enough to have a container left over in the freezer.

Boys = Spaghetti, Hamburger Helper, or Tacos (whatever the DH decides, he has a pound of ground beef waiting for him in the fridge defrosting for tomorrow).
Me = Miso Soup

Boys = Pork Chops in the slow cooker (I tend to use the slowcooker alot during infusion week.)
Me = Soup or juice with saltines

Boys = Chicken Rice-n-Gravy
Note: Rice n Gravy is a Cajun term used for a meat browned in a pot and deglazed to make its own gravy with the use of green bellpepper, white onion, and seasoning.  It it then served over a bed of hot steamed white rice. 
Me = depending on how I feel that day it may be either Miso Soup with a scoop of rice, or I just might try a bowl of rice with the gravy.  (The doc ok'd me to start eating meat again, so I am trying to take things slowly.  That first week I was so excited that I ate alot of different meats and then spent three days in bed in pain.)

Pizza night (either frozen pizzas or carryout pending DH's mood)

Leftover buffet from the week

Spaghetti because DH needs leftovers for work the next day.

DH usually has either leftovers from the previous night or a sandwich everyday Monday to Friday.  Oldest either eats sandwiches or school menu.  Baby eats alot by stealing salad and veggies from Moma's bowl.  Baby refuses to eat from his own plate unless its something he really likes and/or Moma decides to eat in peace when he's napping.

Breakfast is generally cereal with milk, grits with butter and cheese, oatmeal, or granola bars.

Snacks range from whatever fruit in the fridge (apples, oranges, grapes, or strawberries), carrot or celery sticks with Ranch dressing, granola bars, and the occassional cookies that seem to have currently bombarded our pantry thanks to Christmas. 

If you are wondering, yes I allow our children to eat candy.  As long as they keep getting rave reviews from their dentist, I won't take that treat away.  Baby is learning the hard way that just because Leia (our dog) gets various "treats" during the day does not mean he gets a candy every single time.  LOL

Hope you enjoy this post.  What is for dinner on your table this week?  I am always looking for new recipes to try out and get the kids eating healthier.

Blessed Be,
Crystal T.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Flashback Fashion Friday - The Vintage Box 1947

One of the things that is changing this year will be the addition of the topic Flashback Fashion Fridays. 

As I was sitting at my computer chatting with a friend this morning, on my FB page was a shared post from Va-Voom Vintage (one of my fav bloggers) that is hosting a few giveaways this month.  The sponsor of the contest is a company called Vintage Box 1947

Oh my GODDESS, I think I am in lust....there are so many pretty things (channeling my inner Golem wanting his precious)!    I so want my hair to grow back fast!  I plan on purchasing one of her items for an upcoming trip I will have later this year.  I am still losing weight so probably won't buy my dress until a month or two before the trip... Hoping to lose at least 30 lbs by then.

You should really check them out, fantastic pieces for sale.  Also don't forget to sign up for the giveaway contest yourself.  You can find all the details by going to Va-Voom Vintage's blog as well to enter.

Have a great Friday!

Crystal T.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Should a husband have a say on what his wife looks like?

Recently on Facebook, my friend Bunny Moreno author of Bunny' s Vintage Victory and proprietor of the Vintage Victory Shop over at Etsy recently posted about a topic on whether or not a husband has a right to comment on his wife's appearance.  Those are not her exact words, but it is how I interpreted them. 

She was surprised by the number of women who feel that their "man" has no right at all to have any say in her appearance.  But these same women can tell their man on how he needs to act, who his friends are, what he needs to do on a daily basis, and how he should relax.   She summed it up best in one word..."Compromise".

I whole heartily agree with that statement.  I think my husband does have a right to say or give his opinion on what I wear and how I look.  Every single day if we plan to go out in public, I ask him what he thinks about what I am wearing,  whether or not I should wear make-up, as well as right to what is on top of my head (natural hair, bandana, hat, or wig).  I ask him what he thinks because he is the person that will be seen with me and I want to make a good impression on him and on others as his wife.  Granted, I have a few medical problems that some days, I could care less about the make-up, hair, and clothes and I will wear my rattiest pair of torn old sweats with the baggiest t-shirt I can find and no bra.  These are usually days when I am in alot of pain and don't really want anything touching my body at all.  He respects and understands that.  He has never told me that I have to wear a specific outfit, or had to wear make-up, etc.  He tells me I am beautiful no matter what and he also tells me that he loves me every single day we have been living together way back in 1997.  There is not a single day I can remember him not kissing me goodnight and telling me he loves me.

On the other hand, there have been instances where I have purchased clothing for him to wear and he did not like them.  They were not his "style".  However, he did wear them out in public once to show me he appreciated I made the effort to get them for him so he should me the same courtesy and wore them out once before they ended up in the back of his closet or into the next family's donation bag to Salvation Army, Goodwill, or following year's garage sale.

Alot has happened to my appearance in the past ten years.  I gave birth to two handsome boys gaining a total in 100 lbs of "baby fat" (who am I kidding, those are "craving" pounds).  I have been in and out of the hospital for the past four years for various medical problems.  I have also shaved my hair because I was losing it from some of the forms of medication I have to take.

When I first met my husband, I weighed 175 lbs and had short hair.  Throughout our time together, its been sort of long (shoulder length) but mostly short.  I like my hair short.  My husband likes my hair long.  He's never really pressured me to have long hair but I know he likes it best that way.  He is what I call "conservative" when it comes to women and men's fashion.    He doesn't like tattoos either but I got a few of those as well. 

I think its important to look good for the person you love to keep the magic in your relationship alive.  To remind each other about why you are attracted to one another.  Reunite the passion as much as possible.  Why not dress up for that other person every once in a while?  When I shaved my head because of my medical hair loss, I gave my husband the power of choosing which wig I purchased.  Why you ask?  Because if I am going to be wearing a wig and everyone close around us knows I will be wearing a wig, why not have fun and get a totally different style that they are not used too?  I let my DH choose the style and color.  He could have chosen a middle of the back long ass hair wig in blonde or flame red, but instead he chose something that was in between the two of our's personal taste.  I like my hair highlighted where he does not.  He likes me red but more auburn brown.  So he chose a chin length wig with brown hair with a few blonde and red highlights that were very subtle.  It is a similar style to something I had in the past and he chose something he knew would please me.    Here are a few photos of what I look like....

What he likes...

His favorite to date...

My favorite style to date...

Me present day with the wig (at least Aug 2012)
So since my hair is finally growing back, I do plan on letting it grow out as long as I can so he can see me with long hair again.  I am also not planning on coloring it anytime soon to keep it healthy as possible during its growing stage.  No more is the red hed that majority of people who know me came to love....its all about being a brunette now...with some of nature's highlights.  Ok so it's not "some" highlights its a ton of silver and gray hair.  But you know what, my husband told me he's looking forward to growing old and gray with me, I just might be gray before he is.  LOL  He still thinks I am beautiful.  I will always try to be beautiful for him as well.  I want him to be proud of me being on his arm and have him think of me as the most beautiful woman in the room and how lucky he is that I am on his arm and no one else's!

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