Monday, April 30, 2012


Once someone asked me about Beltane and how I would describe it.  Last year I wrote this....

I am still in search of how to best celebrate this Sabbat and explain it to my children.  My 8 year old could really care less about anything religious at this point.  My two year old has no clue either just because he is so young.  At what age do we start to teach, share, educate our children about our faith?  When it is appropriate and when is it not?  How much do you share with them and what do you candy coat?  In regards to Beltane, I for one am not ready to talk to my children about the Fertility Rites that I hold dear about Beltane.  I am not ready for that specific talk about "Birds and the Bees".  So I take the saying and speak specifically about those animals on the face of the Earth.  I like to point out the birds that sit upon our fence and sing to us each and every morning or throught the day.  We talk about how different they are from one another from their songs to the colors of their feathers.  Michigan is blessed to have a  wide array of birds that we can watch.   As for the bees, I am very phobic about them.  So we tend to watch them from afar.  I am hoping that my favorite Bee Priestess Jacki will be able to help me conquer my fears this coming summer as she is a Bee Keeper with actual hives.  I will make sure to ask someone to take photos of that event when it happens!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Ice Cream Spell

There isn't exactly a specific food ingridient that begins with the letter I. 
The two things I kept going back to are Ice Cream and Iceberg Lettuce.

So I thought about which one to write on this week.  I decided on creating an Ice Cream Spell.  This can easily be done by a Coven or a Family with small children.  For me personally, eating ice cream is a wonderful thing to do as a family or coven.  It brings people together and can serve a magical purpose as well.  It is used for many celebrations or a special treat.  It simply is one of those foods that can make you feel good when you eat it.  Why not "charge" your magical intent and make your own ice cream with your family (or coven's) energy within it. 

Let us look at the basic things needed to make Ice Cream they are:

Milk (represents the Goddess and also the element of water)

Sugar (represents the Hawaiin God Kane as well as other Egyptian Gods and also the element of water)

Vanilla (represents the vibrational energy or love if you will with the joining of the masqueline and feminine.  Its fragrance is thought to bring the bearer or in this case the eater to a higher level of consciousness.  Its elemental representation is that of Air.)

Salt (Used in its rock variety for recipe.  Salt provides the abilities to provide grounding, protection, and purification elements in this spell.   Its elemental representation is that of the Earth.)

An abundance of Ice (Both a physical and elemental representation of Water. Water can carry energy throughout its being. You can charge the water with your intent and it is a wonderful conductor of that energy.)

So for me these items used together correctly can make a wonderful ice cream that can double as a unity spell.  For Unity I mean being together as one.  One family, one coven, one purpose of intent or celebration.  

There are many different methods to make ice cream.  I have seen buckets with a crank from my own childhood to now a days there are fancy soccer balls that you can exercise while making this tasty treat.  I have also found this website that also explains a coffee can method, bowl method, and also a ziploc bag method which I plan on using in the very near future with my two energetic boys!
You can view these methods by visiting:
I hope you enjoyed this post and may you "Find the Magic in your Meals!" 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

China Rose Tea

A while back I purchased several loose teas from a tea party that my friend T.S. hosted.  There I fell in love with one of the teas.  Not inspired to pay the price for such a small amount of tea (it was close to $10 per ounce) I decided to attempt to come up with my own version of the blend.  It couldn't be hard after all.  The main ingridients were black loose leaf tea and rose petals.

Put the kettle on....

Put the mason jar upon my favorite trivet to imbune my magical intent....

When the water is hot, pour into the mason jar with the herbs...

Cover and let the herbs and intent infuse the brew...

I like to let my brews steep for a minimum of ten mintues.  I drink more infusions (which I let steep overnight) but this one is just a tea.  After steeping I strain it into another jar or mug to drink.  Since I made a big jar, I needed another jar for its straining...

Then you can either drink it hot or pour it over ice and enjoy it cold.  I have to experiment a bit more.  The original was a bit sweeter.  So I don't know if there was any stevia in it.  I do have alot of Stevia so I will be experimenting with it some more. 

I hope you enjoyed a cup of tea today.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Merging with the Veggie Cauldron

Howdy All!,

Just a quick note that due to my normal crazy hectic life of being a Stay at Home Mom to Shaunessy and Lancer, Pup Moma to our new Chocolate Lab Leia (with potty training there as well), Kidney disease, Lupus, and trying to maintain a great cozy home for my husband.... I simply do not have the energy or time to try to keep up with two blogs.  I either neglect both of them or go thru phases where I tend to favorite one over the other.

So instead of trying to keep the two separate, they are merging.....hopefully this will give me more time to think of what to write about and have a more active blog.

With that said, it is Monday so I am going to post a Meatless Monday Recipe for you.

This is from the Veggie Cauldron, so if you have seen it before, sorry for the duplicate post (and also if I have posted it here as well, I have not gone thru the archives).

So last night I was making pasta for the guys.
I really wanted some pasta for myself so I came up with the above.
I took 1/2 cup of the cooked pasta and then threw it into my wooden bowl. I then added 4 leaves of torn kale, a handful of mung bean sprouts, a handful of parsley, one green onion, one tomato, and two tablespoons of Whole Foods' Vegetarian Shredded Parmasaen Cheese. I also added a bit of leftover ginger dressing I had in the fridge plus a dash of red pepper flake for a bit of heat. It was really good. I did massage the kale beforehand in the juice of 1/2 a lemon and it sat out on the counter for about an hour...that is what I was origianlly planning on eating for dinner, the Kale. I plan on making this again in the near future. Next time I want to see if pineapple juice would break the kale down the same way lemon juice does to see if I can give it even more of a tropical asian flare to it next time. I know that the pasta is not necessary Asian, I just did not want to dirty another pot to cook rice noodles, I got them, but just did not want to cook more than I have too. This combo might also work with my kelp noodles too! (I just thought about that!)

Friday, April 20, 2012

H is for Honey and Horehound

H is for Honey and Horehound

In order to try to catch up with the Pagan Blog Project, I am going to be posting both my "H's" in one post. 

First let us begin with Honey.

Honey is one of the oldest foods on the planet.  It can be used as a preservative, antiseptic, beauty product, and its just simply tastes wonderful in my favorite teas as a sweetner.

Now to find out correspondence about honey, I turned to their makers the Bees.

It is thought that Bees are the Gods little servants.

Deity: Apollo (Greek), Artemis (Greek), Demeter (Greek), Melissa (Cretan), Potnia (Minoan), Ea (Babylonian), Kama (Hindu), Min (Kemetic/Egyptian), Ra (Egyptian), Anu (Celtic), Rhea(Greek), Persephone (Greek)
Magical Intent: To "Sweeten" a deal, a lover, a person's attitude, healing, health, happines, making something "stick", Attraction, Fertility, Purification, Love, Romance
Elemental Influence: Water and Air
Planetary Influence: Sun

One of my favorite forms to use Honey in my mundane life is that of sweetening my tea.  I also like to flavor my honey for home rememdies as well.  As I write this I can see upon my altar in my kitchen a jar of honey that is infusing the herbs Ginger and Garlic.  I use one tablespoon of this exilir if you will during times of colds and flu.  I make it in small batches and recently ran out so now the Sun is heating the honey, ginger, and garlic to infuse their healing properites with one another.

Photo taken later in day. The candle to the left is my Coven's symbolic candle.

Every morning shortly after I wake up, I put my kettle on to brew my tea (or infusion which ever the case may be that morning what I am in the mood for).  When I add the honey I simply repeat an affirmation of healing for that day.  Its something I wrote and Iam focusing on alot since my diagnosis last year.  Not only am I researching how food can effect my magic on a daily basis, I am also researching Gaia's Bounty which is not only nourishing but healing properties of food as well.

"Honey and Tea
Gaia's Bounty which nourishes me.
Honey and Tea
My Goddess I ask your grace to heal what ails me."

If you suffer allergies seasonally, I have read many places that its recommended you eat one tablespoon of honey from your local area.  It will help build your immune system.   Most recently I have read this in Natural Healing magazine that I obtain at my local Whole Foods.

Photo from

Now onto Horehound...

Botanical: Marrubium vulgare (LINN.)
Family: N.O. Labiatae

Magical Intent: Revitalization, Healing, Cleansing, Protection,  Mental (Inspiration & Creative Flow), if used as a drink prior to ritual, it can provide the user the ability to carry out the ritual with a clear mind.   It is a good herb to use in protection Sachets.

Divination: Drink horehound in the form of a tea when handling the Tarot

Planetary Influence:  Mercury, Jupiter

Astrological: Scorpio

Elemental Influence: Earth

Gender: Male

Deity: Horus, Isis, and Osiris

"The Egyptian Priests called this plant the 'Seed of Horus', of the 'Bull's Blood', and the 'Eye of the Star'.  (---Grieve)  Horehound is indeed a religious herb out of Egypt.  It is also an important herb for those of the Hebrew religion. 

Horehound is used in the mundane world as that of a healing herb for the throat.  Horehound is also used in fasting for both religious and medical matters in the form of a tonic. 

I am currently taking correspondence classes with Rosemary Gladstar.  In one of my lessons I began to use this herb in my own personal healing repitoire.  I use it in the form of a syrup and also as a throat losenge.   The recipe I use the most also includes Honey (which I wrote about above) and why I wanted to post the two together.

Horehound Elixir

1/2 cup dried horehound leaves
1 cup Water
2 cup Honey
2 Tbs fresh squeezed Lemon Juice

Boil the leaves in the water in a non-reactive pot for 10 minutes.  Remove pot from heat source and allow to steep for 10 minutes with the lid on the pot.   Strain the mixture using either cheesecloth or coffee filter.  Add both Lemon and Honey and stir until dissolved.  Store in an airtight jar (I prefer Mason Jars).  When needed use by the Tablespoon full. 

I use this Elixir for both before I am conducting a ritual (taking it before I leave for ritual if going somewhere else other than my home) for added protection and mental clarity for spiritual use and medically for my immune system because you never know who is sick and still goes around circle shaking hands, hugging and kissing on you.  With my low immune system I do what I can however I can to protect myself. 

NOTE:  I am not a doctor!  Use this recipe at your own risk.  Please seek a liscened medical practioner should you need medical help.  Do not take this information in place of medical treatment.  I use herbs for my own use and know what I am allergic too and what I am not allergic too. 

G for Grapes

Sorry for the delay.  I have not been feeling well.  I have been going back and forth to the three doctors I see (family, nephrologist and rhuematologist) trying to figure out just why I have been feeling crappy.

The consensus seems to be that I was deeply dehydrated these past few weeks which caused havoc on my body and immune system.  Also the family decided to get a new member added to the family in the form of a Chocolate Lab named Leia (yes, after Princess Leia if you are wondering).  We are huge Star Wars fans in this household.  So needless to say my energy has been focused on feeling better and trying to keep up with potty training (the two of them) which is a bit overwhelming.  I think Leia is going to catch on before Shaunessy does...he is fighting me tooth and nail!

Shaunessy and Leia taking a nap after playing outside.

So I am a bit behind in alot of things, PBP posts as well.  So this week (today) I am playing catch up.

You can go to G is for Ginger which was posted on March 30, 2012 for my first entry of the G series.

Here is my second entry:  G is for Grapes

photo from


Vitis vinifera

Astrological Influence:  Moon
Western Elemental Influence:  Water
Magical Intent:  Abundance, Bounty, Celebration, Dreams, Fertility, Joy, Money, Summerland Ritual
Deity:  Bacchus (Roman), Dionysus (Greek), Hathor (Egyptian), Het Heret (Kemetic), Iznagi (Japanese)
Holiday/Sabbat: Mabon

Many of the Pagans I practice with include the grape in their rituals...normally as their offering during Cakes and Ale portion of the ritual.  I have also witnessed its use in cleansing the ground prior to the ritual's casting of the circle in place of broom sweeping to clear any negative energy from the area.  Many times as well I personally have used the fruit, leaves and vines in my spell working, as altar decorations, and as ritual adornment such as a crown or bracelet make from the fruits dried vine. 

Since being diagnosed with my illnesses because of the medications I need to take I can no longer partake in the ritual drink.  One of the things I have ammended in my personal practice is that I still use the grape in my Cakes and Ale portion of my ritual but now its shifted from the "Ale" to the "Cake".  One of my favorite things is to use is a shortbread cake with a Concord Jelly or Preserve upon it.  I make my shortcakes in the form of circles to represent both the Moon and also symbolize coins.  I mainly do this during the Sabbat of Mabon or whenever I am working a prosperity spell. 

Last year for my birthday, my coven sister Katherine gifted me four silver coins that adorned each member of my family's zodiac sign within Chinese Astrology.  I placed these four coins in a sugar jar that was gifted to me by another coven sister Emerald with a package of good old fashioned sun kissed raisins, you know the kind in the little red box ;)  I then placed the jar upon my altar that is located in my kitchen in the windowsill for the sun to shine upon it each and every morning.  This year has so far been very blessed for me with prosperity.  Not exactly in the monetary fashion but I have won several contest and received several books I really wanted to read for free for exchange of my honest review.  So this year the grapes (raisins) have been really kind to me and I am grateful for the grape!

One of the simpliest things you can do to incorporate magic in your meals without spending alot of money is simply putting grape jelly on your toast.  The grape jelly would symbolize prosperity and abundance.  With adding it to bread which I also view as a culinary tool for prosperity and money both items in combination give your prosperity spell an added boost. 

I hope you can find the magic in your meals!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blast from the Past

This is a lifetime ago......

Yes that is me on the floor.  To be young and have dreams! 
I still love music but seldomly play it anymore.
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