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My first book A Pagan Pregnancy is now available!

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It is also now available via Kindle HERE.

Reviews of A Pagan Pregnancy:

I know there are negative reviews about my book as well on Amazon.  It's ok.  Everyone has their opinion on what a Pagan is and is not.  I wrote this because others wanted to know what I did during my pregnancy.  I have never claimed to be a great writer, nor shall I ever say that I am.  There are a ton of mistakes with grammar and layout in the book.  I know that.  I never wanted to publish this book in hopes of being the next "Big Name Pagan".  I will never be that.  I am simply me, Crystal...mother of two.  I was asked to share what I did while I was pregnant. So I took a chance and put out a self publication so those people could have information to what I did.  To all those that have purchased my book, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  If you did not enjoy it or was not given any inspiration of things you can incorporate into your own pregnancy, I apologize that I was not able to inspire you in some small way.  What works for me, will not work for everyone.  For those that have purchased my book and you liked it, please share that as well.  It would be greatly appreciated to see positive reviews as well as the negative ones side by side.  Thank you.

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