Friday, February 26, 2010

Convocation 2010- Recap

It was an awesome time as usual! Here are a few pics from my weekend at Convocation 2010.

I just wanted to say many thanks to the many people that showed up for my two workshops! This year I think we set a new record for the Mad Hatter Tea Party! I also wanted to once again convey my gratitude to Tess for the loan of her antique tea cups! They were very lovely and were put to good use!

Crystal, Autumn, and Nora at Red Robins!

Selena Fox with KOTH at the Meet and Greet on Saturday.

Getting the Party started! LOL Ravenswood and Nora.

I had a lot of fun meeting so many people. Many thanks to those that attended my workshops!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Convocation 2010

Well its that time of year! It's CONVO Time!

One of my favorite times of year. This is my third year presenting! I am very excited to see my friend Nora Cedarwind Young ( we have not been able to see each other since PSG 2008. I was unable to attend '09's event due to my Due Date with Shaun. My DH would not let me go, much less I was too scared to have my baby away from him and my doctor. Good thing too considering the medical problems that arose during his delivery!

Anyways. A few people have emailed offlist asking what I will be presenting this year at Convocation. For my "Mooncycle Magic" Ladies, sorry I am not doing it this year. After being pregnant and still breastfeeding, I am a bit out of whack with my Mooncycle Magic and did not feel right in presenting the material this year since I have not been able to practice "what I preach" so to speak. Possibly, next year, if I decide to teach, I will submit it for consideration once more.

Anyways, here is the info for the workshops I am presenting this year. For information on the other workshops, such as Nora's classes and the other Guest Speakers, please visit Convocation's website by clicking the title above that is linked to their website or by visiting .

Workshop Title: “Magical Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Tasseography 101”
Room Set Up: - Suite 118 due to beverage offered
Equipment: Hot Water Supply.
Length: 90 minutes
Category: All

By request, this year’s tea party will focus on Tasseography. What is that you ask? It’s tea leaf reading! It’s a mystical art that has been practiced since ancient times. Reading the leaves is not as hard as you think. In the spirit of keeping green, please bring your own teacup and saucer.

Workshop: “The Pampered Pagan’s Pantry”
Room Set Up: - Open to any style available
Equipment: Table
Length: 90 minutes
Category: All

With today’s economy, things are tough for everyone. One the pleasures you do not have to give up is pampering yourself! Did you know you might have all the ingredients you need to in your own kitchen pantry? Come and learn simple recipes and methods to deal with stress from our everyday lives. Take the time to pamper yourself!


Blessed Be,
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