Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So Beltane is almost upon us.  This year I have been attempting to "share" my beliefs with my children.  Lancer is now starting to understand more since he's now 7.  Shaunessy still really has no clue what Mommy is talking about since he's about 22 months +.  He will be two at the end of June.

How does one explain to a child what Beltane is without talking too much about the aspect of the Great Rite and fertility rituals which are a major aspect of this Sabbat in my personal practice.  This is what I came up with.....Right now, I feel he just needs to know that the Great Rite is the love between the Goddess and the God.

The Red Rose.....

It's a symbol that I actually use during my rituals to symbolize the Great Rite.   It is a combination of both masculine and feminine.  It is one of the many things that is a product of the joining of the God and Goddess.  Its long green thorned stem represents the male diety and the beautiful soft red petals represent the womb of the Goddess.   Their "love" for one another produces many beautiful things upon this great place of Gaia.  Within my own practice I recognize the light and dark of everything.  Father Sun with Mother Moon.  Night and Day.  Cold and Hot.  Male and Female.  In my own beliefs, you can not have one part without the other.   The two become one to create life and or energy. 

How would you explain Beltane to children? 

Checking In / Surgery

Hi Everyone,

Just a short note to let you know that my presence will be a bit lacking for the next few weeks most likely.

I am having surgery on May 5th and may not feel up to sitting at the computer during my recovery.  But then, it may be one of the few things I might look forward to as I can do it from the bed as well.

Any thoughts, candles, and or energy sent for a speedy recovery would be GREATLY appreciated! 

Research for the my second book is in the works should the first book/manuscript be published by one of the big publishing houses (which would be a total dream come true for me). 

Just been having lots of things going on these next few weeks.  The family's annual neighborhood garage sale this week, then preparing the house the best I can prior to my surgery so my husband or sister won't need to go out to the store and purchase anything while I am down for the count.

I am so blessed to have the sister I have, she is flying all the way from Louisiana to come help take care of me during my recovery and help me out with taking care of my children as well!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Moonflow Magic / Mooncycle Magic / Menstrual Magic, etc.

So today I visited some of the Yahoo Groups that I like to follow.  On one of them there were a few posts about a young girl's first menarche.  Those that know me, know that I am very fond of Menstrual Magic and I have a number of workshops I have presented at Convocation in the past few years.  (Still debating if I should resubmit some of these workshops for next year as the Moon is the theme and they would fit into it very nicely).

I have been having issues with what term I should use.  If a person does a search for Mooncycle Magic, they will get a TON of results for the actual phases of the moon.  I have heard of the term Moonflow before.  Don't really know if I like it, but it is a bit more specific.    I am just wondering how to "classify" this type of magic to distinguish it from the phases of the moon type magic. 

So I am interested to know what others think about magic that evolves around menstruation.  What would  you call it?

Blessed Be,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sisters of the Craft / Sisters of Avalon

I am happy to say that the Sisters of the Craft Gathering is a GO! Registration is now open. There are a limited number of spots that are available. Should you want to come, you will need to know someone within one of the following organizations to gain entry:

Keepers of the Hearth
Sacred Birch Society
Women of the Willow Coven

Only reason is that this is the first year we are doing this and don't want to bite off more than we can chew. So if you know one of us and we know you, please by all means contact a member of one of the above or contact me to obtain the Registration Packet.

This will be primitive camping with a casual atmosphere. Its about connecting with our fellow "Sisters of the Craft" and get to know one another and bond as sisters should do! A few workshops will be presented and are being considered by the board should you want to submit a class for consideration.

We are currently looking for a sister that has extensive drumming experience and access to several drums to lead a drumming workshop. If you fit the bill, please email me at . We are unable to compensate for this time so looking for someone that wants to volunteer this gift of the craft with her fellow sisters.

I am so excited, I can't wait for September to come around! That Mabon will be extra special since fellow sister of the craft "J" will be receiving her ordination from the Sacred Birch Society!

So until the next blog, have a blessed and magical day!



Monday, April 11, 2011

Developing an Exercise Routine and turning it into a habit

Somewhere I can remember reading (or hearing) that it takes 30 days to develop a new habit.  Well one of the things I desparately need to add to my Transformation is the addition of exercise.

This past week and throughout the weekend, my family was and I am currently sick.  Yesterday, my husband decided that even though I feel like death warmed over, I needed to go outside and get some fresh air.  Knowing that we needed some basic groceries, he decided that a walk to our local store was in order.  So he got the kids ready (stroller and all) and called out to me that they were ready.  Slowly I put my shoes and socks on to make it out into the rare sunshine and warmth that has happened in our area.  While at the store, I said that I wanted to get back into couponing.  So I decided to purchase a Sunday Newspaper. However to my surprise the one the store had to offer had minimal coupons in it.  I needed the Detroit Free Press which is not what this store had to offer.  So we walked home, empty hands for a newspaper.  An hour later, I still wanted my dang newspaper!  My husband suggested going out for another walk by myself this time to the two gas stations a few blocks away to see if they had my cherished newspaper full of coupons.  I debated this for about 10 minutes and then decided that unless I wanted to wait another week for a newspaper that I did indeed needed to set out and go for my second walk of the day. 

I grabbed my Ipod loaded with my music from my Reclaiming and Friends cd and headed out for my second journey to find a newspaper.  The first gas station I stopped at was sold out so across the street I went into the second gas station.  I hit paydirt!  Not only did I get the last copy of the Detroit Free Press they had, but briefly had a conversation about just wanting the coupons that the store clerk handed me the coupons and ads from his personal newspaper!  So I got two for the price of one so to speak!  This exercise thing has extra benefits!  I look forward to walking to the same gas station next week to see if I can turn this into a routine for me and possibly score some more free coupons! LOL

I like to be organized about everything to every detail I possibly can.  Just ask my Coven sisters about any of our past trips to places such as New Orleans (back home) and or one of our many Salem, MA trips! LOL 

So I have decided to come up with a game plan of sorts to incorporate exercise into my life.
My first goal is to walk at least 30 minutes a day be it outside pushing the baby in a stroller or downstairs in the basement for 30 minutes prior to dinner.  If I am unable to walk that day for whatever reason, I will at least hope to accomplish one of my goals for the week which I have listed below.

Other elements I hope to add include:

Sundays - Walk to Gas station to buy a Sunday Paper

Monday - What I call  "Magical Monday" by breaking out and performing the exercises from the Devotional Dance DVD by T. Thorn Coyle (this Month I will be working on the Elements Section)

Tuesday - Turkish Bellydancing Video

Wednesday - Its all about the Wii.  One hour of playing either Wii Fit or the Yoga Exercises

Thursday - This will be my mental exercise day, Meditation is the key element to work on today.

Friday - Firm Fridays - I have about 10 of "The Firm" videos that I lost alot of weight with whenever Eric and I were getting married.  I was able to dust my collection off and even transfer them from VHS to DVD so I can do them upstairs!

Saturday -   Working out with the Spouse!  I hope to have E help me out on lifting weights.

Majority of accomplishing many of these on a daily basis will be that if the baby takes at least an hour nap so that Mommy can work on her fitness and health.  Otherwise its the walking for 30 minutes whenever Daddy gets home.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As most of those that know me, for the past 10 years I have had a serious battle (and losing that battle) of the bulge.  I am tired.   Sick and tired actually of how I look and more so on how I feel most of the time, which is pretty lousy.  I never have any energy to do anything.  I have become a couch potato.    This weekend something happened to be during a conversation with my husband.  He is clueless to how it has effected me and I do know that he meant no harm or disrespect.  But what he said did strike a cord within me and my weight.  He simply asked me why I wear sweat pants all the time and would like to see me wear something else again.  I was a bit taken back. When he left the room as I was getting dressed for my son's birthday party, I did not realize that I have become the stereo typical frumpy sweat pant and stained t-shirt wearing mom.  It was very hard to find anything in my closet that fit me and also looked good.  Majority of the clothing was too tight.


Everyday I will do something.  No more sitting at the couch and watching tv all day. 
For Yule, my hubby purchased us a new treadmill and its going to be used on a daily basis! At least 30 minutes per day.  Also on the docket is to start using some of my old favorite videos/dvds for exercising.  My favorite is Devotional Dance by T. Thorn Coyle.  Last time I used this dvd on a regular basis alone, I lost over 20 pounds. 

I have thought about posting my "before" photos for the world to see, but I just do not know if I am ready for the whole world to see my Venus of Wilendorf shaped body (even though she's a beautiful plus size beauty, my body however is not beautiful, its disporportioned and I no longer like buying clothes.)

I am in no way saying I want to be a skinny Mini...but I do however want to become healthier than I currently am.  They say that your first goal should be 10% of your current body weight.  Well that is very close to 30 pounds for me (so you can easily do the math to see how much I currently weigh).

Guess this blog will primary focus on me getting healthy, and how I plan it will effect my relationship to the Goddess.  I know I am beautiful in her eyes as well as my husband's.  But now its time for me to look at myself in the mirror and love the woman that I see in it.

I hope you come with me on this journey to help encourage me on my path as well as call me out on myself when I need it.  I need a support system outside of my husband.  He is good and somewhat supportive, but he is skinny and healthy for the most part, so he just does not understand my point of view as a woman wanting to lose weight.
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