Friday, October 28, 2011

Ginger is the New Pink - Stevia Giveaway

Hi Everyone!

If you are new to my blog or a returning reader, you will learn that I am transitioning to the world of Vegetarianism and preferrably one day going at least 80% Raw.  That is the ultimate goal anyway.

About a month ago, I learned a recipe for a raw Basil Lemonade from a wonderful lady named Bethe.  She is the first person that introduced me to the liquid version of Stevia.  I had never used it before, and frankly still only know how to use it in this one recipe.

Anyways, Lauren at "Ginger is the New Pink" is having a wonderful giveaway that involves Stevia. 

"The people at NuNaturals are giving 4 lucky winners a bottle of their Vanilla Stevia Drops (2 oz bottle) and a box of their White Stevia Powder (50 ct. box)!"

I am trying to be one of those lucky winners.  Here is to crossing my fingers and hoping I am a lucky one! 

This blog in itself is a wealth of knowledge.  Being new to the Veggie world, Lauren provides recipes and photos of what good food looks like.  She has motivated me to try a few veggies I never would have even thought about eating.  She has many recipes and tips to try.  She also introduced me to glass straws.  Those are so on my wish list for my husband to get me for the upcoming holidays...they would make a great stocking stuffer "Hunter" !!!!!!

Anyways, check out Ginger is the New Pink, you won't want to stop reading!  I haven't!
You can access her page by clicking the title of this post or going to:

Happy Halloween, and Blessed Samhain from my family to yours!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Convocation 2012

I have received word that I will be presenting two workshops at Convocation 2012.

Out of the classes I did submit the following are the ones that are tentatively schedule for:

Magical Moontime - Friday 2:00pm

A woman’s cycle has been referred to as the “Curse”. She has been taught for decades her body is dirty and the blood disgusting. How do you feel about your menstruation? Do you collect your flow for magick? There are few rituals that honor this special time women experience. Reclaim your sacredness.  Align your magical cycle by tapping into this unique power.  Learn your own natural rhythm.  Honor your Magical Moontime.  We will discuss Blood Mysteries, the creation of Moon lodges, Red Tents, blood magic, menstrual rituals, and cloth pads.

Pregnant Pagan Priestess - Saturday 11:30am
Are you a Pregnant Pagan Priestess or know someone who is?  Come discuss ideas what you can do for yourself or that special priestess during this magical phase you’re in your life.  Celebrate becoming a Mother.  Topics covered include different types of rituals for Fertility to Delivery, Creating a Magical Nursery, celebrating the Sabbats as a Pregnant Priestess and so much more!  
Please make sure to check the Program book and Message boards for any possible schedule changes. 
I look forward to seeing you there!

Also with any luck I will have copies of my book "A Pagan Pregnancy" available for purchase there as well.
PS. The location has changed for Convocation 2012, make sure to check out their website for importanat information! 
Or you can click the title link of this post and it should take you there as well!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Samhain Slumber Party

Well this past weekend was Women of the Willow's annual Samhain Slumber Party weekend.

Every year for the past few years, we have gathered at one of our houses for a weekend of fun usually around Samhain.  I have been lucky enough the ladies have allowed me to have it at my place for the past few years.  (Mental note, Willowrose if you are reading this, we actually have been doing it since at least 2008, that one was at your house and think it was our first weekender so you started the tradition sweetie! LOL) 

Anyways, I am tired.  We had a ton of fun.  Emerald, Willowrose, Ravenswood, and myself started out the weekend with Friday night dinner.  The guys ate pizza while we feasted on an asian inspired salad made by Ravenswood as well as a few side orders from our favorite Chinese restaurant that delivers.

We had many projects and alot of fun.  We talked about the past, the present and the future.  We are excited about voting in a new member who will serve as our Maiden for the Coven.  With this turn of the wheel, we close the chapter of the past year and look forward into the future. 

I just realized that I did not take a single photo this past weekend.  I don't think anyone did.  It's probably for the best since some of us were in our pjs all weekend.  (I still want those pants that Ravenswood was wearing! I need to find out if she made them or purchased them!)

I look forward to this next turn of the wheel, Samhain is upon us and the veil is getting thinner I can feel it.  I look at my old photos of those that have passed (family, friends, and mentors) and think about what they have contributed to my life and thank each and everyone of them for it.

The boys are gearing up for trick or treating, and its a Star Wars theme.  I only have photos of Lancer and Shaunessy, "Hunter" is not allowing any photos until the big day.  He is even excited about dressing up and taking the boys out that night!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pantry Challenge

While surfing the net, I came across a few blogs that were participating in a Pantry Challenge earlier this year.  This concept seems pretty simple in itself.  Use what you already have in your pantry so that nothing goes bad.

As I look into my own pantry stuffed and full to the brim, I thought I would partake in a Fall Pantry Challenge so that I can dwindle down my own stock and possibly take control of my pantry and have a clean and organized pantry this coming 2012.

So here are the before photos:

The Left Side

The Center
The Right Side

For dinner tonight, it will be pasta night:

For the boys, Chicken Fettucinni  and for myself a veggie Pad Thai. 

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