Friday, September 24, 2010

Bang My Head

So I am trying to work on my book.  I am wanting to submit a completed manuscript over a proposal.  That way, should I be accepted for publication, the writing is done and it is straight into the editing process.

However, this is the first time I am attempting on putting my thoughts to paper.  There are not alot of books out on the market on the chosen subject I am writing about and I am running into a road block.  The category which I am finding difficulty is in the Correspondence for the subject matter.  I realize I am being very VERY vague because I have had some things / ideas taken from me in the past and choose not to expose too much information this time around.   I wish I knew a published author personally so that I can ask their advice.  The few I do know, I have yet to receive a response on my question or advice on which path of structure I should take.  So I am going to ask anyone that is reading this......

In matters of Correspondence to the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
If its a completely new list of items that you have not seen described in book before, would you rather:
Option A - A simple Chart of the four elements with the new items listed under each of them?
Option B - A chapter that consists of a glossary of why each item is in its specific elemental category listed in alphabetical order?

Please give your input....and many thanks!


Sunday, September 19, 2010


Mabon is almost upon us.  Yesterday, I celebrated with my friends from SBS.  We had a small group in attendance, but it was a good one!  The Ligon is such a beautiful place, we are lucky to be able to circle there.  It is a site that I hope to have our "Sacred Sisters Weekend" next year sometime, possibly even during next Mabon.  The weather would be cool with less bugs to deal with. LOL.   I forgot to ask Jen and Terry if they wanted to do it as a joint KOTH/SBS thing.

The food was really good. Ravenswood made some awesome home made salsa that put even Chili's to shame (my fav restaurant chain). 

I look forward to the coming winter as I start to once again prepare my home with a deep cleaning (I do this every season).  Especially since we are trying to declutter, I am starting to use items that I was originally saving for a "Rainy Day".  We received crystal glasses when we were married 10 years ago.  I have kept them in their original box until recently.  I decided to donate our old glasses and put out our crystal ones.  I am tired of saving things for rainy days, I want to enjoy using them now. LOL

Eric and Dave installed our new front door and it looks good.  Coming home last night I noticed the stain glass work because the lights were all on.  It was really pretty. I get to admire my door's beauty.  During the day little rainbows appear throughout the living room floor as the sun shines in. 

Starting this week, its back to the Room by Room cleaning.  I will also conduct a "Swifting of Energy" and House Protection and Blessings for the coming winter.  More to come later.

From my family to yours, I hope you have a Magical Mabon! 

(Hey Tiff, I finally used the breadmaker you have recently gifted to me!  It works great!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GIFT!)

Blessed Be,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Support your Favorite Pagan Magazines

Support Your Favorite Pagan Magazines

As a witch and a Pagan, there are few magazines readily available for my enjoyment in relation to my faith. I have few top favorites they include: Circle Magazine which I have been even published by twice, Witches and Pagans, SageWoman, and a friend of mine swears by Crone magazine.

Recently, I decided to support one of the publishers of a few of these magazines. For some time, I was purchasing the previous versions of "Witches and Pagans" magazine. Every month I would walk into my local bookstore and purchase the two magazines off of the newstands. I thought I was supporting the magazine by doing this. I was wrong. For reasons I do not know the details, two of my favorite magazines (New Witch and Pan Gaia) were merged into one, which is now Witches and Pagans.

I do not want to see another magazine fall under because I could not support them fully. I want the publisher to have the money I pay for the magazine, not the giant bookstore conglomerate. So recently, I have subscribed to two magazines. They are SageWoman and also the new Witches and Pagans magazines.

If you currently read these magazines and are not subscribed, please look at their website and consider doing so. In my case, subscribing to two magazines, I received a discount for order more than one magazine. In the long run, it will save you money on the amount you spend on a yearly basis.

Check out BBI Media's website at

If you currently read Circle magazine visit

Support the magazines you love directly. In the long run, you will be saving yourself money, and supporting a fellow Pagan Business.

Blessed Be!

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