Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Epiphanies Design - Works of Art

Recently, I have made some new friends that live close to me. As few months have passed and I knew she was an artist, but I did not realize how talented she was until yesterday when I was at her home.

She works with both watercolors and oils. Many of the pieces of art in her home were created by her own hand. Her water colors are so delicate I can only think of comparing them to great artists of the past.

If you are looking for artwork by a Pagan, you should really check out her work. Click on the title of this blog and it will take you to her website.

Here is one of her samples.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Convocation 2010

Greetings All,

Today I received an email confirming the two workshops I will be presenting at Convocation 2010.
It is with great honor that I am presenting once again. This is my third year in doing so! Once again, the Magical Mad Hatter Tea Party is on so do not forget to bring your own tea cup this year (and yes a tea cup, not a coffee mug) because we will be doing tea leaf readings this year folks! The other workshop I will be presenting is called the "Pampered Pagan Pantry". Stick around and you will find out more about what that one is all about. It is alot of fun and can get a bit messy. LOL

Those that know me, realize that this is my favorite time of year. It is a chance to share my knowledge with others and also a unique opportunity to learn from others as well. Last year, I enjoyed many different classes, but more particularly was one on Pagan Homesteading by Raven Kalendra. He was extremely charasmatic and able to keep my attention on the subject at hand during his workshop. For the past year I have been focusing on what I could do as far as Pagan Homesteading.....I mean, I don't exactly live on a farm, or even in a country setting for that matter. Living in the city does make more difficult for one to "homestead". Taking some of the information he taught me, and a desire for becoming a better "housewife" and SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), I have been working on a different selection of living the Wheel to it's fullest.

With the fast winter approaching and threat of snow this coming week, I will soon be in full hibernation mode and making my plans for the next coming spring. Being indoors does make me do one thing, it makes me take stock of my life and "clean house" both figuratively and spiritually.

I am very thankful for the things that have happened to me this year. As I have embraced my newest path in life, many doors keep opening up for me. I am grateful to the Goddess and God for all they do to bless me.

I hope everyone that can will experience Convocation once in their lifetime. For anyone that wants to be apart of the larger Michigan Pagan Community, this event is the up most fun one can have during the freezing temperature weather of Michigan during the month of February. If funds are tight, they do welcome volunteers. By volunteering you can be refunded the entire registration fee should you be willing to work the number of hours required for refunds. If you decide to do it, try to get into the Registration booth, or Hospitality Suite, you will meet many people and possibly make new friends.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Raspberry Vodka

Greetings Everyone!

With continuing on the Home Crafted Holidays started by Domestic Witch, here is my fourth project!

It's Raspberry Vodka. A few years ago, I tasted it for the first time at someone's home. I fell in love with it. Now it is used as my main staple for Cakes and Ale in my personal rituals.

There are many variations on how to make Raspberry Vodka, here is a basic recipe for you. I hope you enjoy it. Also this recipe is for adults only!

Now the recipe I am sharing is from Earthbound Farm. Their recipe is a bit different from my own (cause I use secret ingridients, LOL) but still as good. Also their's is refridgerated during the process, where mine is conducted at room temperature.

Raspberry Vodka
Serves about 750 ml

Making flavored vodkas is simple, and it's far more economical than purchasing fancy brands. For the best flavor, use fresh, ripe berries and let the fruit macerate in the vodka for the entire week the recipe recommends.

Keep flavored vodkas in the refrigerator or freezer; they're at their best icy cold.

3 cups fresh raspberries, picked over

1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise

2 star anise pods

1 strip of lemon peel (yellow part only), 1/2 inch wide x 1-1/2 inches long

750 ml good-quality vodka

Mash the raspberries roughly with a fork to break them up. Place the berries in a clean, one-quart glass jar and add the remaining ingredients, stirring to blend. (Save the empty vodka bottle unless you have a decorative decanter for the final product).

Cover and refrigerate the mixture for one week. If you don't have a glass container large enough, you can divide the mixture into 2 smaller jars.

After allowing the berries and spices to macerate in the vodka for one week, strain the mixture through a fine sieve, discarding the seeds and spices. Pour the raspberry vodka back into the original bottle or into another vessel. Store in the refrigerator or freezer.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recently, I was cleaning out one of our entertainment centers trying to put together all of my fitness videos, dvds, etc in preparations of my journey (once again) to losing weight. I came across one of my favorite dvds that I purchased a few years back.

When I first started these exercises, I lost about 20 lbs. Thorn's able to provide mental stimulation during the exercises. I am looking forward to working with this dvd again. Its the only Pagan Exercise instruction I am currently aware of. If you are interested, you should check it out on her website where its available for purchase.

So here is to losing weight, getting fit, and transforming from Venus of Wilendorf to Aphrodite! (For me anyways, I know Venus is beautiful, but I need to lose weight for health reasons most of all! Having cardiac arrest/scare during my second pregnancy was pretty scary.)

Blessed Be!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Weight Loss Spell

I am reposting this from another forum I belong to and posted this.

The topic of discussion was about weight loss. With the holidays here and stress, some people might appreciate this mantra to get them thru the situation of stressful eating.

Here is something I wrote a long time ago. I had not thought about it for some time since I have been having children. LOL

It's time for me to also lose some weight, 100 lbs matter of fact! I am sure I will be blogging about it in the future.

Anyways, here is my spell/affirmation/prayer. I use a piece of cord and then wear the cord the entire time I am trying to change my bad habits and live healthier.

I hope you enjoy it.
Weight Loss Spell
By Crystal

By the count of one, this spell's begun
By the count of two, there are pounds to lose
By the count of three, I'll eat no more than I need
By the count of four, no more soda, its water galore
By the count of five, this spell's alive
By the count of six, cravings nixed
By the count of seven, no more chocolate heaven
By the count of eight, I'll pretend I just ate
By the count of nine, In a year's time I'll be looking fine!


Ok, so I am not great with the rhyming...but the first time I did this (along with eating healthy and exercise) I did lose weight. I have about 100 lbs to lose so I think I will be working with leather cord this time around. Just remember the more you put into it and commit to it, the better results you will achieve. Right now I will personally have to combat my coca-cola and sweet tea (lots of sugar), as well as boredom eating to become sucessful this time around.

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