Friday, March 30, 2012

G is for Ginger

Photography by Mike Lorrig

Zingiber officinalis

Ginger Correspondences
Element(s): Fire
Planet(s): Mars
Season: Winter
Sabbat: Yule
Deities: Mars, Ares, Athena, Newborn Gods, Sun Gods,
Gender: male
Magical Intent:  To increase energy of something including spells, mojo bags or sachets.  It is a stimulating herb that can promote change.  Some people also think that it can also induce thoughts of lust.  Increase chances for success, power, money (I personally cut the root in 1/4"dia coin shapes when using it in prosperity spells), health,  healing (wonderful for the pregnant priestess experiencing nausea during her magical shift of creation of life in her womb), love and grounding as well. 

There are those that also utilize this wonderful herb in the consencration of their athame.  The ginger strengthens and energized this ritual tool.  Many also believe that if you are able to find ginger root in the physical shape of that of a person, this is indeed a very powerful and magical item.  It would make for a wonderful poppet straight of out Gaia's Bounty. 

I personally love Ginger.  I drink alot of it on a daily basis for more mundane uses such as healing my ever raging nausea which is a wicked side effect of the medication I must take for my kidney disease.  Ginger is one of my main Herbal Allies in my life both on the magical forefront as well as the mundane world medically.  The Ginger helps to ellivate the amount of prescription medication that I have to consume on a daily basis.  I use ginger to help keep me grounded as well.  Being sick I do not handle an abundance of energy anymore and have to keep myself grounded.  I use it in the form of drink such as teas, ginger ales, and decoctions.  I also eat it during rituals in the form of cookies, cakes, and crackers.  I eat it during normal meals as well as I love Asian inspired dishes that tend to use ginger in them, sushi being among my favorites.  Its just not the same to eat my sushi without my pickled ginger!

I love to use dried powdered ginger as incense when utilizing coal.  Its not that often I can burn incense in my home due to other family members allergies and this is one of the few herbs that I can burn that does not set off their noses!   In one of Scott Cunningham's books he writes about using Ginger in a magical bath.  I have done that in the past as well too!  Just be forewarned, that is using ginger in the bath, make sure your water is not too hot.  Ginger is a very VERY warming herb and you do not want to pass out from an overpowering combination of the two!  Trust me, its happened to me from experience!
Please forgive that this post is short compared to the others.  I am not having a good week medically.  But know that as I write this, I stop a few minutes here and there to sip a cup of ginger tea.  My favorite tea mix is actually an infused Ginger Lemon Honey. 

Recipe:  Crystal's Ginger Tea

(1) Two Inch Knob of Ginger, sliced thinly
(1) Large Lemon, sliced thinly
Honey to Cover.

In a small sterlized jar, place alternate layers of sliced ginger and lemon. Once all the layers have been placed in the jar, cover the ginger and lemon completely with honey. You will also want to press on the layers to let out any air bubbles as well.   You will want to cover them with at least one to two inches over the slices.  I like to place my honey mixture to set on a sunny window sill for six weeks to infuse and flavors to marry.  After the timeframe, you can either warm the mixture and strain out the ginger and lemon slices or use them intact within your cup of tea.  I use one to two tablespoons of this infused honey per cup of tea desired.  You can simply use just the honey mixture or add it to your favorite green or black teas as well if you want a caffineated version. 

I hope everyone is has a great weekend and finds the magick in your meals!


Friday, March 23, 2012

F is for Food Magick

So these past few weeks I have been writing predominately about food.  Why?  I have a firm believe that food was one of the first and oldest forms of magic that was used.  Do I have any proof?  Of course not.  However, food is in our everyday lives.  Without food and water, we can not survive.  It nourishes us, grounds us, gives us energy, and heals us as well. 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."
- Hippocrates

Many people have heard of this saying in one form or another.  I have been on a path for a few months now researching how food and magick can achieve the same results.  For those of us that love creating magic in the kitchen in the form of food, why can't we cast our spells using the same process? 

If you want to manifest more prosperity, try using and consuming some mint in your meals?  It can be used in the form of tea, ice cream, cookies, brownies, cake, plus many more options out there.

If you are working on some love, trying using aphrodisiacs such as Asparagus (see my past post), honey, strawberries (which you can go one step further and dip them in chocolate), bananas, Figs (see my past post) in your meal.

Many of us use Pomegranates during the Fall to celebrate the descent of Persephone.  Many of us acknowledge or use the Apple showing its natural pent in its center when cut horizonatally. 

Eggs are honored and used during Ostara for symbols of fertility.

There are just so many ways to use food in our magick!  I try to as much as possible.

Not many people realize but every year we use food in our magick in one simple dish, a cake.  We place candles upon that cake to manifest something we desire.  The birthday cake can be traced back to Ancient Greece.  They made round or crescent cakes from honey and used them in their rites to worship the Goddess Artemis. They brought them to her temple during their rites to celebrate her.  It is also recorded as well that the first birthday cakes were round in shape to honor the Moon.  So at least once a year a person even if they are not a great cook, could use food in their magick celebrating their own birthday!

There are many books on the subject of food being used in magick.  A few of them are:

Magic in Food: Legends, Lore, and Spellwork by Scott Cunningham
Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen by Scott Cunningham
Strange Fruit: Alchemy, Religion and Magial Foods A Speculative History by Clark Heinrich
 The Mystical and Magical Properties of Food by Michael Elson
Magick for the Kitchen Witch by Deanna Anderson

There are many more out there, but those are just a few of the ones I have read.

So I hope you can "Find the magick in your meals and celebrate Gaia's Bounty!"


Friday, March 16, 2012

F is for Figs


Growing up anytime I thought of the Fig, I immediately when to my up brining in Catholicism and thought of Adam and Eve’s clothing.  They covered themselves with Fig leaves.    It is speculation in some circles that the Fig was and is the actual “Forbidden Fruit” not the apple as most people believe. 

The fig is thought to have originated in the southern part of Arabia.  Some of the oldest written records of using this fruit occurred during the lives of ancient Sumerians and also the Assyrians.   Even today, the fig tree is held with sacred honor in countries such as Southwestern Asia, Greece, Egypt, and Italy. 

Food of the Gods

In Greece, the Fig is associated to both Demeter and also Bacchus.  It is thought that during Autumn, Demeter introduced the Fig to the mortals as one of the first fruits of the season.   Her followers were the ones to name the fruit Fig.  Now in Rome, the people bestow the first fig being introduced to them by their God Bacchus.  If you look at various artwork of the God, his head is adorned by a crown of fig leaves.  This made the fruit a sacred fruit.  The first fruits of each season were dedicated to the God.  Festivals were held in his honor and his devoted female subjects decorated their bodies with garlands of the sacred fruit.  As a Cajun, each year I celebrate what is known as Mardi Gras.  As a Cajun who is also Pagan, this festival may be celebrated by many Christians, but I view it as one of the sacred festivals to Bacchus. 


Botanical name: Ficus carica

Magical Intent: Divination, Fertility, Love, Money, Sex, and Strength.

Deity:  Aset (Egyptian), Amon-Ra (Egyptian), Bacchus (Roman),  Brahma (Hindu), Demeter (Greek),  Isis (Egyptian), Juno (Greek), Ra (Egyptian)

Element: Fire or Air (I have seen reference to both elements)

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Gender: Male (The word Fig actually derives from the Arabic for testicles so for me that definitely gives it some male energy.)

Now with that last sentence in mind, I could not think of a recipe besides this one for Fig Balls. LOL

This recipe comes from
Make them for the sweet part of a seductive meal for the one (or ones whatever the case may be) you love for a romantic evening of celebrating Bacchus or just simply each other.  These pair well with chocolate covered strawberries for the final course or late night snack since they can be made ahead of time.

• 3/4 cup dried California figs
• 3/4 cup shredded coconut
• 1/2 cup nuts
• 1 teaspoon lemon zest
• 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
• Finely chopped sweetened coconut
On a rack over boiling water, steam figs for 6 to 8 minutes. Remove stems and process in food processor until chopped fine; turn into mixing bowl and set aside. Add coconut and nuts into food processor, and process until nuts are chopped fine. Turn into mixing bowl with figs. Add lemon zest and juice; mix together well, adding juice or water as needed to knead paste until thoroughly combined.

Shape heaping tablespoonfuls into 3/4-inch balls and roll in finely chopped coconut. Store in covered container.
Serves: 12

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun contest to win a copy of Nude Food ebook!

Shakaya aka as Earth Empress is holding a contest for a chance to win her ebook, Nude Food.  From the description of her recipes, I am trying my hand at winning a copy of it.  I still consider myself new in the world of Raw Food.  I have been researching it since I was diagnosed with Kidney Disease last Summer/Fall and have begun applying what I have learned into my lifestyle of eating.  Steadly and slow my progression from processed to raw food has greatly increased within the past six months from 0 (zero) to about 50% raw on a daily basis.  My goal is to be 80% raw by my birthday in a few months. 

Anyways, some of the recipes included in this book are:

Some of the recipes include:

Fresh Fries
Fragrant Butterfly
Thai Green Coconut Soup
New Moon Salad
Lotus Rice Medley

Don't they just sound wonderful!  I am hungry now just writing about this contest!
Who would have thought that I could find a book that has information about Raw food and opening the energy of your inner Goddess!  I will definitely be learning more about this lady for sure!

She also has a website at:

Be sure to visit her Facebook Page and try your own hand at winning her book!


Friday, March 9, 2012

E is for Eggs

Last week I wrote about something different from what I have been doing.  Now its time to get back to the food.  With Ostara almost upon us, of course I would write about the wonderful Egg. 

Every year since I was a small child, one of my favorite things to do during the springtime was dye eggs.  Even though I was brought up Catholic, this tradition does have its own Pagan roots as well.  As I am now an adult, I still enjoy this practice very much each and every year doing it along side my two small children.    Whenever I have the time and energy I also opt to use food ingridients to make my dyes for the eggs.  However on occassion I still have to use the commercial pill products available on the market if I don't physically have the energy to stand over the stove cooking the natural items.  It happens and I am ok with it. If you are able to make your own natural dyes, you can infuse those dyes with your magial intent making your eggs magical vessels to carry your own spellwork in one form or another.  This can be done by eating the egg (taking the energy into yourself) or burying the egg to nourish Gaia and bring forth your desire or purpose.  Another method some people use such as myself is to save the shells and after they have been cleaned grind them into a fine powder.

There are many websites out there that can provide you with recipes for making your own natural dyes.  Some of my favorite charts and recipes come from:

Now this won't be a post about how to do them specifically, there are only so many ways one can write boil egg,  put in color bath, etc. So if this is something you are interested in, then please check out the above links for the instructions on how to do it. 

Using eggs in spells is not uncommon.  My own coven uses the egg in several applications from meditations, affirmations, protection spells, fertility spells, prosperity spells, healing spells, plus many many more.   Not only is the egg a symbol of life which is the reason I personally use the egg in many of my own spells,It is also a valuable tool that can be utilized within the realm of using Color Magick.  You can create many different designs on the egg and dye it in whatever color you need to help emphasize the end result you are trying to achieve.  Lastly, in using eggs in spells, I also like to use Floral as well as Gemstone Essences, using the egg as a carrier for these energies is fantastic as well. 

I don't have any photos at the present time because frankly I have never thought about taking photos in the past.  This year I will take pics whenever we dye eggs this year for Ostara and will post later on.  I won't be dying alot of eggs this year since it would simply be a waste of food.  With my kidney disease, I can not eat alot of protein at the present time.  Unfortunately, I am also the only person in my family that will eat hard boiled eggs.  So we will limit the amount we are boiling this year.  It will be limited to one dozen.  Each person will have one egg for their personal desire that they want to manifest for the upcoming turn of the Wheel for Spring to Spring (the boys usually are trying to manifest the latest electronic game they are after), then there is usually at least one (if not more) for the protection of our home that is buried close to our front door (which also nourishes the soil for our upcoming calendula or marigold flowers that will be planted this year to detract mosquitos from our front door), and then the final eggs are for my husband and myself to use for our own personal desires such as prosperity, health, or whatever strikes our fancy. 

Embrace the Egg! 

For those that will be celebrating it shortly, Happy Ostara!


Friday, March 2, 2012

E is for Elder - Amber K

Now I normally write about food as I am researching how food effects us spiritually. 
These past few weeks my thoughts have been consumed with a Pagan gathering called ConVocation.

February is one of my favorite times of year, I get to meet with a large mass of Pagans under one roof, drumming, workshops, great conversations, fantastic rituals, and meet alot of people I normally would not be able to meet under the everyday mundane life circumstances.

This year was no exception.  When I first started in the craft I was just entering the stage of life becoming a young adult.  I was a teen like most people I know when they turned to the craft.  I was in the closet most of my teen years with few people knowing that were closest to me during that time.  I went on to graduate high school and then entered into the military (Army).  One of the few books I had with me while in service to the United States was a small green book.  While everyone I knew in the Army carried a small pocket bible in their cargo pocket, my "bible" was this small green book.

In my lifetime I have purchased two copies of this book.  The first was when I was in highschool learning about the craft.  The second copy was to replace my first copy while in the Army when it got drenched in a training drill during hurricane season.  I learned to carry my book in a ziploc bag after that incident.  When I purchased my second copy, I paid $4.95 plus tax for a brand new book....that goes to show how much inflation has gone up during the years. LOL 

From this book is where I built the foundation for how I practice the craft to this day. From Amber, I learned about setting up my first altar, working with energy, plus many other things!  This book is so important to me that I still have the second copy I purchased over two decades ago as well.  This year at ConVocation, the MEC provided me with the opportunity to meet someone I consider an Elder in my life and practice of the craft, Amber K.    For me an "Elder" is someone that is influential within your tribe or community. This person has an impact upon your life in a positive way.    That is definitely what Amber is to me.

I went to one of Amber's workshops with my friend AmethystCat.  Prior to the workshop we had a few minutes where I had the opportunity to go and ask Amber to sign my book.  I was too nervous to do so.  It's not that often I am at a loss for words...this was one of the few rare occassions where I became shy.  After her workshop, I finally built up enough courage to ask her to sign my book.  She was even kind enough to let me take a photo with her.

This day is definitely one of my magical highlights within my life.  It is one day that I will never forget.  To learn more about Amber, you can visit her website at .
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