Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Camping Menu

This weekend, I will be attending the Sisters of the Craft Gathering hosted by KOTH, SBS, and WOW.  (Those would be Keepers of the Hearth, Sacred Birch Society, and Women of the Willow in which I am a member of all three.)

I am so excited, Jenn will be receiving her ordination from SBS!  Looking forward to camping out the entire weekend with a wonderful group of women as well.  Sorry guys, you are only allowed during the public ritual timeframe for SBS's Mabon Celebration....then we are kicking you out shortly after 9pm to resume our Wild Women Weekend! LOL

With all my dietary restrictions it seems now a days, I have no clue what to pack to eat.  Guess this weekend would be a wonderful time to come up with a Raw or close to Raw menu!  But alas, there will be some cooking involved, there is no way I am passing up a campfire and not having a smores or two or three, or four.....

I keep racking my brain on what to pack, so that way I am not spending alot of time prepping my veggies or food while I am there.  So I basically have two days to figure out what the heck I am going to eat and go grocery shopping tomorrow as well. 

Here is what I am thinking:  Just don't know if I want to spend alot of time in the kitchen on Thursday...

Though I have a problem with protein, I also have a problem with low blood sugar and Hypoglycemia.  So I still have to eat some protein.  I am going to narrow it down to Yogurt with Granola and or a hard boiled egg for emergencies (I will be bringing two.)  Fresh fruit of some sorts (most likely apple or orange since I have those well in stock will be the lucky fruits).

I really only need lunch for Saturday, so I am thinking of making a few jars of Gazpacho soup that I can keep cold in the cooler and grab a jar whenever the hunger strikes.  If I make it smooth enough I could even drink it instead of eating it like a soup. 
Bruschetta.  Yeah I eat alot of tomatoes....this could be another option and throw it on top of some kelp noodles if I can score a bag prior to leaving...I have already demolished my supply...need to order a case of them.
Tabouleh is another option...well I do plan on bringing at least a small container with me, cause I eat it every single day...its my snack.

I am making two chili's for the potluck...one meat one and one veggie one, so dinner will at least be covered as well for me.  I just hope the veggie recipe is a good one, its the first time I will be making it and I am always worried about not trying a recipe prior to brining it to a potluck. 

I now its not exciting, but if I can make it to Trader Joe's then maybe I can pick up some of their dried fruit mixes.  But then if I go to Whole Foods, I can look at their stuff too.

Oh the stress of packing!  It will be alot of fun....I just hope my poor little car can hold everything!


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