Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Doc Visit - Results of becoming Vegetarian

Well today I went to my Nephrologist and received the results of my monthly bloodwork and urine tests.  From my original numbers in the hospital I went from 11.4 grams of protein per oz to 2.3 grams!  In just under two months of changing my diet, I am on the way to recovery!  My doc even said he has not seen numbers drop this drastically due to dietary changes and even asked permission to share my experience with a few other patients who's numbers are not changing or not feeling better as a possible option! 

I am still no way close to being "normal".   Normal is considered to me less than 150mg (1,000 mg per gram) in one ounce.  But for it to drop that much in two months is a huge victory!  Giving up meat is definitely one "sacrifice" I am glad I decided to do.  The benefits are showing for my hard work and effort!

So I just wanted to share the "good" news.   There was a bit of bad news, that my kidney functions themselves are not as good as normal, but doc is hoping that it was just a day that maybe possibly I was not as hydrated as I should have been.  So I need to keep track of my food (journal) more than I usually do.  Better than I have in the past, so for the next month I will be focusing on trying to do that better!   Knowing that what I do and eat could help others is definitely a motivation!

Hubby purchased me a Vitamix!  So I have a wonderful tool (the blender) to help me in my quest for eating health from now on. My husband spoils me so!  He rocks!

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