Friday, July 27, 2012

O is for Oils

This week's O is going to be about Oils.

First thing I have noticed is that over the years I have seen a decline in an old tradition (at least old for myself) which is candle dressing.  I simply don't hear or see people do it anymore.  Of course there are increased markets that will sale candles dressed already which have been annointed with oils and possibly dressed with herbs as well.  While they are fine to use and save people time in prepping for ritual or a spell by having purchsed them in advance, I feel that something is also missing.  Apart of our energy that goes into dressing the candle. 

For myself, I usually have about 20-30 tapers and pillar candles on hand.  There are times where I will pre-dress them knowing that its what I will specifically use that color for a specific role.  One of the things I like to do when I am dressing my candles is to meditate while I am doing it. It brings a sense of an energetic charging to the process.

If you don't have various colors of candles on hand and need a candle for a spell or ritual another thing you can do to the candle is dress it with an appropriate Oil to convey your needs.  When you dress your candle with oil two things are happening here.  First off you are cleansing the candle of any old energies that may be present.  These can be as minimal of where did you buy your candles?  How many people do you think touched your candle before you did?  Do you think that anyone of those folks could have had a bad day whenever they touched it?  They could have been sick with flu or something worse?  No matter who has touched your candle, someone else besides you has imprinted energy into it whether they wanted to or even knew it.  It's always best to start off with a clean slate when it comes to Candle Magic.  You want that of your own intent, not someone else's right?

Now this won't be about Dressing Your Candle (this will come later maybe for a Magical Monday Post)....I want to focus on another aspect of it....the oils.

What type of oil can you use?  Well almost any kind of oil that will burn.  The three I personally use and also I believe most people would prefer to use consists of Essential Oils, Frangrance Oils, and Cooking Oils. 

Which oil is the best for you to use?  The one that either calls to you or the own you will most likely already have in your home.

I have used plain vegetable oil to a blended oil that was created by either myself or someone I know.  I have also purchased a blended oil from one of my favorite shops (Coventry Creations).  It can be oil that costs you $1 from the dollar store (or less at the grocery store when on sale) to as expensive as you are willing to spend (I have spent a pretty penny on rose oil in the past and use it sparingly.)

Your best bet when you are in a pinch is to turn to your kitchen cupboard or pantry.  Almost every household will have some kind of oil in the home.  It could be one of the following which I have used once or twice in my lifetime.  Most of these oils would also be considered a "Base" oil or Carrier Oil.

Vegetable Oil
Canola Oil
Sunflower Oil (a favorite during the Summer months)
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Palm Oil
Soybean Oil
Sesame Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil (a favorite during Samhain)
Safflower Oil
Peanut Oil (for those not allergic)
Grape Seed Oil
Argan Oil
Avocado Oil
Corn Oil
Almond Oil
Cottonseed Oil
Walnut Oil

Then you have other oils that are from the world of Aromatheraphy which I have also used.

Apricot Kernal Oil
Borage Oil
Cocoa Butter
Evening Primrose
Hazelnut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Rose Hip Oil
Shea Butter
Wheatgerm Oil

If you don't have time to dress a candle with a specific blend of oils for a specific purpose, just for example, you are working a prosperity spell.  Normally I would use a base oil with an essential oil.  Normally I would probably use Corn Oil with an essential oil dealing with Mint.  However if I did not have the mint, using the plain corn oil would work for me, because in my personal correspondence I use the corn oil as a conductor for prosperity on the plant's ability to grow to high heights and prosper.  The corn's ability also to be utilitzed in many ways promotes me wanting to use it because once its there it can be used in many other ways besides food.  It can be used as food, fuel for vehicles, leaves woven into baskets, silks into threads, plus many mother things.  Please no negative talk about Corn, I read everything and for the record I do not buy anything that is a GMO.

You could use Almond, Apricot, Olive or Rose Hip Oils for love.

For protection you can use Argan Oil or Coconut Oil.

For courage you would use the Borage Oil.

Wheatgerm and Walnut for health.

Olive Oil for peace and harmony.

These oils can be used for so many different things. 

Then you have the entire world of essential oils...which frankly I just don't have the time or energy to write about them.  That entry could be done every day on a specific oil and take me well over a month to write about them. 

I surely hope that dressing candles does not become a thing of the past.  It will always be something I use as long as I am physically able to dress my own candle. 

Do you dress your candles when you use them for magical purposes such as spells and ritual?

Blessed Be,
Crystal T.

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  1. As Candle Magik is important to my practice, I almost always dress them first before burning. Other times I simply charge with energy. I also enjoy using oils and herbs in ritual and magik, especially being a Kitchen Witch. :-) It's not uncommon for me to anoint myself before hand as well. ~)O(~


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