Friday, June 1, 2012

Checking In

Howdy All,

This past week has not been kind to me....nothing has been my friend health wise.  Not my skin, my scalp, my body in general as I have been nauseas and vomitting all week with a 10 lb weight loss.  Not exactly the way I wanted to lose weight.  I have not been able to sleep, eat or drink anything and keep it down.  Yesterday was the first day most of what I ate and drank stayed down. 

My Cilantro Pineapple Smoothie was a comfort food for me, but alas I am out of pineapple.

Today I will be turning to my Basil Lemonade and hope it will help me out with the nausea.  I ate soup from my favorite Chinese Restaurant called China Wok that delivers to my home but I did go pick it up since I needed to run an errand and pick up food for Princess Leia as well.  She has been having a very sensitive tummy too!  I am switching her to Pro-Plan food on the advice of her Vet.

I have had little to no energy and every bone in my body hurting (shoulders and hands especially which is something new to me, but after researching is common among Lupus patients).  My scalp is just a mess.  I am developing discord lesions and they are bleeding as well.  There are three prominent spots on my scalp that are in pain and bleeding.   Here is a photo of one of the spots that is bleeding.

This is the back lower area in line with my right ear.  Eric says its about the size of a quarter right now.  There are a few other spots on my head this is happening as well.  I am also losing more hair.  I decided to cut it and highlight it to give it some dimension and hopes that the thinning is camoflauged a bit.  Here is what I look like since my birthday the day I had it done.

To get support I have recently joined a website called Lupus Out Loud .  After just being there for a few days I am learning about this disease and ways to cope and live life to the fullest.  I sparked a conversation about the Butterfly Rash and Cosmetics.   I received all positive responses from accepting the rash like the color of my eyes to recommendations for some products I have not tried yet.  Later I will be doing another video to follow up to the ones I posted on Youtube almost a year ago (before I was officially diagnosed with Lupus, which now I am).  You can see the video by clicking here for the video of the "before" and then for my first video with makeup for the "After" look here.  If you live with Lupus and wear make-up I would love to know what you have tried that works and what doesn't. 

Hopefully things will turn around for me.  I am just really tired of being sick and tired!

Thank the Goddess its Friday! 

Blessed Be,
Crystal T.

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