Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Infusions and Intent

In one form or another, a witch that casts some sort of spell has placed his or her intent into that spell.  After all, without having a reason to cast the spell in the first place, would it even be cast?

For me this past year I have dedicated myself to studying and finding the Magic in my Meals.  Finding the Magic in the food we eat on a daily basis to find out how a person can cast the most simpliest of spells by doing something they do every day, eating and drinking.  In this manner, it would not matter if you were "Out of the Broom Closet", stradling that doorway, or completely inside peeking out a crack in the door every once in a while to see if anyone knows you are there. 

With my particular case, I also focus on not only finding the magic in food, but its healing properties as well.   One of the things I do is drink nourishing infusions.

I first learned about Infusions about a decade ago from a woman named Susun Weed.  On her website I began my research into herbs, weeds, and the Wise Woman Tradition which I began to study.  I also found a mentor in J.R. who had apprenticed with Susun that I have also learned from in the form of monthly Moon Lodges, herbal walks, and weekend intensives that hosted many classes from connecting to your inner Goddess, drumming ( including a 12 hour heartbeat healing session with the drumming), plus many many other avenues where I first tasted Nettle Infusion. 

Now my friends and my mentor J.R. know that I am not a big fan of Nettles.  She (the herb) is a stinging herb and very protective about who touches her.  Those that do touch her, do so with much respect to her defense mechanisms and treat her gently and kindly if they wish to consume her healing energies that she holds inside.  Even though I am not fond of her specific taste, right now she is one of my strongest Herbal Allies that I can use.  Once my sister Annette told me "What you want and what you may need might not be the same thing in the Goddess's eyes".  She will give you what she thinks your needs are which could be completely different and have been that way most of my life.  With adding a bit of Raw Honey to sweeten Nettles up, she is more pleasing to my taste buds and now I am enjoying her nourishment in the form of an Infusion every morning.   

Each night before going to bed, I boil my kettle of water.  I place a handful of Nettles in the bottom of a large mason jar.  When the water is nice and hot, I pour it over the herbs.  Next I take a cap and secure the lid on the jar.  I then place the jar upon one of the altars in my kitchen on my pentacle trivet next to a lit candle and then "Infuse my Intent" of healing my body from the inside out with the help of my herbal ally.  I don't just infuse my intent with my herbal infusions, I do it with every meal while I am preparing it and cooking it (mostly cooking for my family as I am tending to eat more raw foods from Gaia's Bounty) 

Anyone can add their intent to their food and use it as a spell.  Just focus on the ingridients and their properties they hold.  If you look at my past posts for Pagan Blog Project you will see a few items whose properties I have already listed out for you.  If you want something for protection, simply use garlic, salt or black pepper.  It is as simple as that if you know the properties of the food you are using and want to focus on them magically.

Utilizing my herbal allies as Nourshing and Magical Food is not all I am doing to take charge of my health.  Last year I was able to benefit by receiving healing energies from a wonderful group of people over at the Temple of Witchcraft co-founded by Christopher Penczak.  I am very grateful for being able to receive those healing energies from them.  Should you be reading this, thank you Stevie the wonderful woman that was my "Case Manager" if you will for everything you and the Temple has done for me, my health continues to improve with each passing month (though lately I have been battling alot of cold, flu and respiratorty viruses and bacterial infections on top of my kidney disease).  The Kidneys however are OH SO MUCH BETTER than last Summer!  For those that have the extra energy they would like to channel and help heal others whether it be thru Reiki, candle lighting, or what other form you possess, please check out their Healing List and offer any energy you can to help them out!  You can view the current list here .  You will notice my name is still being listed since I have an ongoing battle.    Also while I am thinking of it, send Christopher a Happy Birthday note since his birthday is the day before mine.  Happy Birthday my fellow Taurus! 

Well that is all for now...until next time.

I hope you find the Magic in your Meals!

Blessed Be,
Crystal T.

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