Friday, March 30, 2012

G is for Ginger

Photography by Mike Lorrig

Zingiber officinalis

Ginger Correspondences
Element(s): Fire
Planet(s): Mars
Season: Winter
Sabbat: Yule
Deities: Mars, Ares, Athena, Newborn Gods, Sun Gods,
Gender: male
Magical Intent:  To increase energy of something including spells, mojo bags or sachets.  It is a stimulating herb that can promote change.  Some people also think that it can also induce thoughts of lust.  Increase chances for success, power, money (I personally cut the root in 1/4"dia coin shapes when using it in prosperity spells), health,  healing (wonderful for the pregnant priestess experiencing nausea during her magical shift of creation of life in her womb), love and grounding as well. 

There are those that also utilize this wonderful herb in the consencration of their athame.  The ginger strengthens and energized this ritual tool.  Many also believe that if you are able to find ginger root in the physical shape of that of a person, this is indeed a very powerful and magical item.  It would make for a wonderful poppet straight of out Gaia's Bounty. 

I personally love Ginger.  I drink alot of it on a daily basis for more mundane uses such as healing my ever raging nausea which is a wicked side effect of the medication I must take for my kidney disease.  Ginger is one of my main Herbal Allies in my life both on the magical forefront as well as the mundane world medically.  The Ginger helps to ellivate the amount of prescription medication that I have to consume on a daily basis.  I use ginger to help keep me grounded as well.  Being sick I do not handle an abundance of energy anymore and have to keep myself grounded.  I use it in the form of drink such as teas, ginger ales, and decoctions.  I also eat it during rituals in the form of cookies, cakes, and crackers.  I eat it during normal meals as well as I love Asian inspired dishes that tend to use ginger in them, sushi being among my favorites.  Its just not the same to eat my sushi without my pickled ginger!

I love to use dried powdered ginger as incense when utilizing coal.  Its not that often I can burn incense in my home due to other family members allergies and this is one of the few herbs that I can burn that does not set off their noses!   In one of Scott Cunningham's books he writes about using Ginger in a magical bath.  I have done that in the past as well too!  Just be forewarned, that is using ginger in the bath, make sure your water is not too hot.  Ginger is a very VERY warming herb and you do not want to pass out from an overpowering combination of the two!  Trust me, its happened to me from experience!
Please forgive that this post is short compared to the others.  I am not having a good week medically.  But know that as I write this, I stop a few minutes here and there to sip a cup of ginger tea.  My favorite tea mix is actually an infused Ginger Lemon Honey. 

Recipe:  Crystal's Ginger Tea

(1) Two Inch Knob of Ginger, sliced thinly
(1) Large Lemon, sliced thinly
Honey to Cover.

In a small sterlized jar, place alternate layers of sliced ginger and lemon. Once all the layers have been placed in the jar, cover the ginger and lemon completely with honey. You will also want to press on the layers to let out any air bubbles as well.   You will want to cover them with at least one to two inches over the slices.  I like to place my honey mixture to set on a sunny window sill for six weeks to infuse and flavors to marry.  After the timeframe, you can either warm the mixture and strain out the ginger and lemon slices or use them intact within your cup of tea.  I use one to two tablespoons of this infused honey per cup of tea desired.  You can simply use just the honey mixture or add it to your favorite green or black teas as well if you want a caffineated version. 

I hope everyone is has a great weekend and finds the magick in your meals!


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