Monday, April 11, 2011

Developing an Exercise Routine and turning it into a habit

Somewhere I can remember reading (or hearing) that it takes 30 days to develop a new habit.  Well one of the things I desparately need to add to my Transformation is the addition of exercise.

This past week and throughout the weekend, my family was and I am currently sick.  Yesterday, my husband decided that even though I feel like death warmed over, I needed to go outside and get some fresh air.  Knowing that we needed some basic groceries, he decided that a walk to our local store was in order.  So he got the kids ready (stroller and all) and called out to me that they were ready.  Slowly I put my shoes and socks on to make it out into the rare sunshine and warmth that has happened in our area.  While at the store, I said that I wanted to get back into couponing.  So I decided to purchase a Sunday Newspaper. However to my surprise the one the store had to offer had minimal coupons in it.  I needed the Detroit Free Press which is not what this store had to offer.  So we walked home, empty hands for a newspaper.  An hour later, I still wanted my dang newspaper!  My husband suggested going out for another walk by myself this time to the two gas stations a few blocks away to see if they had my cherished newspaper full of coupons.  I debated this for about 10 minutes and then decided that unless I wanted to wait another week for a newspaper that I did indeed needed to set out and go for my second walk of the day. 

I grabbed my Ipod loaded with my music from my Reclaiming and Friends cd and headed out for my second journey to find a newspaper.  The first gas station I stopped at was sold out so across the street I went into the second gas station.  I hit paydirt!  Not only did I get the last copy of the Detroit Free Press they had, but briefly had a conversation about just wanting the coupons that the store clerk handed me the coupons and ads from his personal newspaper!  So I got two for the price of one so to speak!  This exercise thing has extra benefits!  I look forward to walking to the same gas station next week to see if I can turn this into a routine for me and possibly score some more free coupons! LOL

I like to be organized about everything to every detail I possibly can.  Just ask my Coven sisters about any of our past trips to places such as New Orleans (back home) and or one of our many Salem, MA trips! LOL 

So I have decided to come up with a game plan of sorts to incorporate exercise into my life.
My first goal is to walk at least 30 minutes a day be it outside pushing the baby in a stroller or downstairs in the basement for 30 minutes prior to dinner.  If I am unable to walk that day for whatever reason, I will at least hope to accomplish one of my goals for the week which I have listed below.

Other elements I hope to add include:

Sundays - Walk to Gas station to buy a Sunday Paper

Monday - What I call  "Magical Monday" by breaking out and performing the exercises from the Devotional Dance DVD by T. Thorn Coyle (this Month I will be working on the Elements Section)

Tuesday - Turkish Bellydancing Video

Wednesday - Its all about the Wii.  One hour of playing either Wii Fit or the Yoga Exercises

Thursday - This will be my mental exercise day, Meditation is the key element to work on today.

Friday - Firm Fridays - I have about 10 of "The Firm" videos that I lost alot of weight with whenever Eric and I were getting married.  I was able to dust my collection off and even transfer them from VHS to DVD so I can do them upstairs!

Saturday -   Working out with the Spouse!  I hope to have E help me out on lifting weights.

Majority of accomplishing many of these on a daily basis will be that if the baby takes at least an hour nap so that Mommy can work on her fitness and health.  Otherwise its the walking for 30 minutes whenever Daddy gets home.

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  1. Great! I like how you are changing things up every day. I have been trying to make a routine of sorts for going to the gym, like different machines and times on the machines or change the order. And now that spring has sprung, it will be even better to get outside as well and try out this new trail i discovered last year! Good luck!


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