Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sisters of the Craft / Sisters of Avalon

I am happy to say that the Sisters of the Craft Gathering is a GO! Registration is now open. There are a limited number of spots that are available. Should you want to come, you will need to know someone within one of the following organizations to gain entry:

Keepers of the Hearth
Sacred Birch Society
Women of the Willow Coven

Only reason is that this is the first year we are doing this and don't want to bite off more than we can chew. So if you know one of us and we know you, please by all means contact a member of one of the above or contact me to obtain the Registration Packet.

This will be primitive camping with a casual atmosphere. Its about connecting with our fellow "Sisters of the Craft" and get to know one another and bond as sisters should do! A few workshops will be presented and are being considered by the board should you want to submit a class for consideration.

We are currently looking for a sister that has extensive drumming experience and access to several drums to lead a drumming workshop. If you fit the bill, please email me at crystallunarouge@yahoo.com . We are unable to compensate for this time so looking for someone that wants to volunteer this gift of the craft with her fellow sisters.

I am so excited, I can't wait for September to come around! That Mabon will be extra special since fellow sister of the craft "J" will be receiving her ordination from the Sacred Birch Society!

So until the next blog, have a blessed and magical day!



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  1. I just included the video from YouTube because I love the song and the video that the person created. LOL


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