Thursday, October 22, 2009

Samhain & Name that Year

The Coven and I will be celebrating Samhain this weekend. Half of us have children that still like to trick or treat. With my young ones, its just the beginning of understanding what the season means (Candy to Lancer!!!)

This weekend, my coven sister Dawn will be staying with me for a short amount of time. Almost a week. She lives far away from us now, so whenever she's in town, we do what we can. I invited her to come stay with me and she accepted! I am very excited to have her come stay with me and spend lots of quality time together.

The rest of the coven will be coming down on Saturday, when we will have our Samhain circle. We gots lots of things planned and will be making most of the day and night of it together.

I am almost finished my goals for the next turn of the wheel.
I don't think I have posted what my Name that Year will be.

My year will be: The Year of the "Housewife". With being laid off over a year ago and unable to find a job within the same paygrade to be able to afford reliable childcare, I will be fully embracing being a stay at home mom. I will be converting my home from top to bottom, "Fall Cleaning" if you will. Organizations and decluttering upon the top of my priorities as well as making the house more suitable for a family of four now. We have made some changes for the better and I can pursue other avenues as well within my home since we have finished much of the construction now. Onto the cleaning, cleansing, and staging!

Happy Samhain to you!



  1. Happy Samhain to you too! Enjoy it with your coven and little ones.

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