Monday, August 3, 2015

Have you heard???

Oh my Goddess how time flies.
With more medical issues and real life dealings, this blog has once again been neglected.

Now that I remember my password, I can once again start writing again.  I debated the fact of creating a brand new blog, but I really don't want to lose the information here.  So hopefully I can once again get into the swing of things and real life will settle down and provide me with more opportunities to write.

Two of my dear friends have started a podcast.  You should check them out.

Its called "Heart of the Witch's Path".  You can find them HERE.

There is also a blog as well that you can read HERE.

So check them out and hopefully later in the week I  will be back with another post and get back into the swing of things with a follow up from the Lammas Celebration that I participated with Sacred Birch Society.


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