Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weight loss Update

Well as of this week I made it into the 250's and have stayed here since Monday.

I had oral surgery on a tooth that was causing an infection and swelling in my face from the top of my mouth, to my nose, up to my eye and then all the way to my ear.  It was very painful.  After a month of antibiotics it was not going away, doctors decided that it needed to be removed.  I was not healing because of my Lupus flaring.

So the past week I have been on a soft food diet.  Today is the first day I can actually eat something without being in pain.  With that most meals have been relatively consistent.... Puddings, Soups (alot of Miso!), pastas, soft fruits, Steamed rice with fish flaked into it.

As of yesterday when I got on the scale I weighed in at 256.4 lbs.

I am eating more solids this week since my mouth is feeling better.  I also have not been able to walk due to not feeling well and being on a lot of pain killers for the pain.

I do hope to get back on the treadmill this week so hopefully in the next two weeks I will be in the 240's!

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