Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goals and New Page Added

I am adding a new page onto my blog dedicated to specific updates on my weight loss.

I am still considering whether or not I should post my "Before" pics. I simply don't know if I would be embarrassed by them or embarass my husband by my posting them. I am very ashamed of my body. There are many beautiful plus size women, but frankly I am not one of them. With shaving my head earlier this fall when my hair was falling out due to medical reasons, I just don't feel feminine anymore. I am hoping to bring back a better, healthier, beautiful me in 2013.

I have several goals in place for 2013.

Participate in the Crim Festival of Races.

Not be ashamed of my body.

Loose weight by nourishing my body with Gaia's bounty (aka fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains) as the main source of food I consume. The doc has given me the green light to increase my protein intake but my body still gets sick everytime I attempt to do so. Seafood is still the primary source that does not get me sick and I stay the heck away from poultry as much as I loved it oh so long ago!

Cutting out the sugary drinks that I am so addicted too!

Using more organic products on my body (make-up, perfume, lotions, etc).

Losing enough weight so that I need a new wardrobe come this summer.

By "new" wardrobe, I mean majority of it upcycled from old clothes, remade into something new that is fitting and hopefully vintage inspired. If anything is purchased hopefully it will be vintage fashions or recycled items from an Etsy Shop, Salvation Army, or Goodwill store. I don't like today's fashions and hope that by losing weight I will be able to fit into treasures from the past. Only exception is shoes. I might invest in a new pair of shoes.

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