Monday, September 17, 2012

Sacred Birch Society - Mabon Celebration

This past weekend I was privileged to lead the Mabon Rite.  I made the focus of balance apart of this year's ceremony.  Participants were asked to wear both black and white if at all possible to give a visual effect of balance.  We also had a larger number of men join us this year which helped with the balance of the Masculine to Feminine energies.

Photo Courtesy of Etain Butterfly.

Please excuse the weird expression on my face.  I can only come up with I must have been talking when Etain took this photo.  With my current health, I chose for a simple altar compared to the amount of items I normally would haul to ritual.  For cakes and ale, it was cinnamon rolls with fresh apple cider from one of the local cider mills here in Michigan.  It was also the first time we had a "garage" sale or swap that I think went rather well and hope we can do more in the future.

Mabon definitely is one of those Sabbats that I just adore.  It's never too hot, nor too cold temperature wise.    The state will soon turn to color and the trees will look like different colors of fire from all the yellows, oranges, and reds plus all the other wonderful colors in between.

I long for the beauty of Autumn, come on crisp cool breezes, vibrant colors, the final harvests, the ability to wear long sleeve shirts without sweating your butt off, and putting the extra blanket on the bed to help stay warm at night.

I hope you have a wonderful Mabon and vibrant Fall as the wheel turns again.

Blessed Be,
Crystal T.

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