Thursday, July 19, 2012

Covered in Light Memes


I don't know what is going on internally with the group CIL, no matter what happens, I still feel that it is a person's right to choose to cover their head and not be discriminated against if they feel the need to do so.  I live near one of the largest Muslim communities in the United States.  I have often been asked if I am Muslim because of a particular headwrap I do wear on occassion.

There are a few things that will always be private to me.  I may choose to answer questions or not.
Religion sometimes falls into that category.
Politics is ALWAYS in that category.  I try to keep my political views to myself.

I do not wear a headcovering strictly for religious reasons,
my story actually started out as a medical one hence the photo above.
Last year (this July) I was hospitalized for what I know know is Kidney Disease. 
From my personal battle with the disease I began to lose my hair last October. 
Much of it as grown back but I am still losing it in spurts. 
I get bald spots here and there or my hair breaks off and looks like a brillo pad.

So I cover my head.  If you want to show your support to anyone that covers their head for whatever reason, but choose not to do so yourself, simply smile at that person,
tell them they look fabulous and move on about your business. 



  1. So where do you get your wraps?

  2. The blue one was a scarf from Layne Bryant's this past summer. The one if the middle is one of the Chemo Caps I ordered when I first was losing my hair. The white one is simply a solid white bandana from Michaels I picked up for vacation a few weeks ago.


    This is the site I ordered a few caps from. I could use a few more should someone want to give me a gift.LOL

  4. Yule will be here before you know it :)

  5. I am looking for that perfect "Gypsy" Moma big earring deserving headpiece.


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