Friday, June 22, 2012

Walking the path of the Labyrinth

I have had the opportunity to walk the labyrinth a few times in my life.  They have been at:

Convocation which is a conference held every February in Detroit, MI
One year they created a night time labyrinth with glow in the dark sticks.  It was simply beautiful walking in the pale glow.

Pagan Spirit Gathering
The people of Circle Sanctuary out do themselves each and every year.  I had a profound experience occur in my life whenever I walked their labyrinth (a positive one of course).

I am also blessed to have access to three close to my home.

The Garden of Healing and Renewal, McLaren Hospital

Indian Springs Metropark has a small painted labyrinth in the Toddler play area.

Ravenswood's Covenstead, my covenmate Katherine creates a wonderful labryinth each and every year on her property. 

One of my favorite books I have read about incorporating the Labryinth into one's spiritual practice is
Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labryinth as a Spiritual Practice by Lauren Artress.  This book has provided me with with great tools to incorporate into my daily practice.  Recently, I found another book that goes with it called The Sacred Path Companion A Guide to Walking the Labryinth to Heal and Transform also by Ms. Artress. Both are very good books and I do recommend them.

Walking the labryinth is very special to me.  Each time I have done it something unique has happened to me.  Each experience though one would think would be the same (you are walking in a similar pattern each time) is completely different than the other.  I have reached clarity for problems I was looking for answers to, calming stressful mind, deciding upon a new venture in my life, plus many other things that have come from my walking labyrinths.  I am glad they are apart of my life.


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