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J is for Jewels of the Craft

This weeks post is with the letter J.  I have not been able to keep up with the amount of research I like to do for my food entries so my posts for the Pagan Blog Project will not be entirely focused on food how I had hoped.  I will still be posting some food entries, just not necessarily every week as I have not been able to put in the hours of researching the food items I originally had hoped to work and write about. 

This week I am writing about Jewels within the Craft.  These are the people that have influenced my life in one form or another.  Now my "jewels" may not necessarily be your jewels and that is quite ok.  What I value in a person may be different than your values.  Every person effects another in one way or another whether it be good or bad.  Each and every person we come into contact with on a daily basis influences us in our lives and how we live our lives.

Here is my current list of the top "jewels" in my treasure box of knowledge.  They are not listed in any particular order and I have chosen to associate them with a common list of precious jewels that some people might have in their jewelry box just for added fun.  Here goes:

First lets start with the Jewels I personally know, they are my truest of treasures and for that I want them to know how much I love, value, and cherish them!

The Gold - My Husband and Sons

They are the light of my life and reason for living.  My husband takes pride in telling me my weirdness is what he fell in love with and has always supported me about my difference in faith.  He has never told me to stop and encourages me to follow my dreams.  My boys are my sunshine and make me happy whenever I am said by attempting to tell me a joke or kiss and hug me so I feel better when I am not feeling good from my ongoing battle with Kidney disease.  They are the Gods I worship the most and could not live without.  They provide the light in my life, my protection, my home, and my happiness. 

The Diamond

My blood (biological) sister Annette.  We may have had a rough relationship growing up.  She is a few years older than I am and who would want a baby sister following them around, getting into their make-up and playing dress up in her expensive clothes, playing her albums, and just wanting to follow her every place including wanting to go on her dates. LOL  After I grew up and moved to Michigan the distance surely made our hearts grow fonder for one another.  It wasn't until a trip to Salem that made us not only know each other as sisters, but also bonded us together as friends.  Now we speak to one another on a daily basis whether or not it be via phone or internet. 

The Hematite

My Coven sister Katherine Ravenswood. She is the one person that keeps me grounded (in a good way of course, LOL).  She nurtures my soul, helps me manifest my dreams, but also knows when its for my own good to bring me back to the ground when I am really over exerting myself.  She helps me keep myself and my health in check as we are on a  journey together to become healthy and live a longer life.  She is my "Magical MacGuyver" and can manifest into physical form whatever crazy concoction of a magical project I devise. 

The Amethyst - Amethyst Cat

One of my first mentors when I moved here to the state of Michigan.  We actually met on the internet a group that provided online learning.  We had so many other ways to meet in person for instance, I shot billards with her sister in law every Sunday for over 5 years and I was her other sister in law's assistant as a business I used to work at for about three years as well.  But it took the internet for us to meet and build up the confidence and courage to meet each other in person.  Of course we hit it off and I consider her a Magical Sister and apart of my Magical Family!   Just like the stone Amethyst is a correspondence of a teacher of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. 

The Citrine - Ibisfire

Ibisfire correspondes to the Citrine in my jewelry box by way of her talent for Creativity, her example of enjoying life and living it to its fullest.  Her generous soul and gives everything she possibly can to whatever she is doing at the time.  Her love of the theather sparking the muse of creativity.  Finally her general overall goodness that seeps out of her aura, heart and soul.  I met Ibisfire through Amethyst Cat and also consider her a Magical Sister and apart of my Magical Family.  She inspires me to do more with my life and do more for others.  You can always find her helping out at her local communities Theater group whether she is staring, directing, producing, costume making, or mentoring the children in playgroup.  She is a star in her own right and among the brightest and sparkling of my jewels.

The Lapis Lazuli - Dawn (photo below with The Pearl)

Dawn is my Coven Sister and apart of Magical Family.  She is my rock when it comes to truthfulness, openness, accessing my Inner Power, trusting my Intuition and inner power.  She is a sense of mystery and my favorite Gypsy of all!  She breathes self confidence and psychic ability.  She is my favorite and most talented Medium helping me talk to my spiritual guides when I need a boost in power.   She is a no-nonsense, tell it like it is Moma who protects "The Pearl" with every bone in her body and ounce of her being.  She is our Moma Bear to our Coven. 

The Pearl - Autumn (photo above with the Lapis Lazuli)

Just like a pearl she is our Maiden in our Coven.  Daugther of Dawn, she is not only our newest Coven sister, but also adopted neice by Magic is you will.  She represents all that is pure in the world thru the eyes of our Maiden.  Her innocence is represented by her youth.  We hope to guide her with integrity and provide her with the focus to do well in life and concentrate on her studies until she gradutates.  Even though she is young, I can sense an old soul within her being that will be able to provide much wisdom as she grows into a beautiful woman just like her mother.  She reminds me what it is like to be young and enjoy the simple things in life.  She has such a bright future and I am lucky to be apart of it.

The Peridot - Pilar

My Peridot is my Coven Sister Pilar.  She and I are so much alike its funny sometimes.  We also act very silly when we are together as well.  She and I share our love for Raw Food, Herbs, and alternate healing.  Just like the Peridot, Pilar represents Healing, Renewal, Purification and Rebirth.  When I am stressed out, she can say something to make me laugh and the world seems like a better place.  She relaxes me and also provides me with the vigor to live a better life by going as green as I can.  She is my "Smoothie Sis" and understands my challenges with food and health.  She is my aspiring Healer! 

Now for those I treasure in the Craft that I value just as much even though I might wear these jewels every day....these are more the "special jewels" that I don't get to interact with that often.  Those I learn from physically on a personal level while attending a workshop at a larger convention or event, or by reading their gifts of knowledge in the form of their writing whether it be from a blog, book, or magazine article.

The Ruby:  Dorothy Morrison
I first met Dorothy when I was pregnant with my first son so that would be back in 2003.  My friend Wayland invited me to dinner with him and Ravenmyst.  When I showed at the place he told me to meet him, low and behold Dorothy was there!  (Wayland knew I was a huge fan of hers and neglected to tell me why we were meeting for dinner.)  Many of the books I have read in the craft were written by Dorothy.  Her straight forward approach to the craft opened my eyes to alot of possibilities in Magic itself.  Among my favorite books she has produced are In Praise of the Crone and also Magical Needlework where I first learned about Cross-stitching spells.  She is the witch holding the Ruby Shoes indeed!  She is the owner of Wicked Witch Studios and also the Flying Monkey Express.  Just like the correspondence of a Ruby, Dorothy fosters integrity for owning your own magic.  The Courage to do what is in your heart and leadership ability and power in her workshops and presentations I have also attended at Convocation in the past years. 

The Moonstone - Selena Fox
PSG 2008 LtoR: Me, Annette, Selena, Kathy & Dawn
What can a person say about Selena?  She simply is a version of the Goddess! 
Selena fosters happiness wherever she goes.  She always has a smile on her face and is glowing with energy every single moment I have laid eyes upon her.    She is very nuturing and mothering in her manner hugging every person she comes into contact with during conventions and festivals.  She makes you feel as you are apart of her magical family as one of the main sayings I learned and felt during PSG is that of "WELCOME HOME".  Like the Moonstone with its Humanitarian properties Selena has accomplished many feats for Pagans when it comes to recognition for a Pagan Symbol being placed upon Veteran Stones, Interfaith relationships, and spiritual insight and training in her way of Leadership Intensives which I feel is important to anyone that considers themself a Pagan Clergy.  There is alot of knowledge in the groups I have attended and networked with that I have been able to learn from, make friends with, and help others grow in their quest for knowledge as well.  She treats everyone as her equal and also as a friend. 

I believe this was taken my first year presenting at Convocation 2008
LtoR:  Christopher Penczak, Michelle Belanger, T.Thorn Coyle and me.

The Jet - Christopher Penczak

Christopher is by far one of the few men that inspire me within the Craft.  Maybe I am drawn to him as a Taurus since his birthday is the day before mine.  Christopher holds many of the same properties I feel the stone Jet possesses. Not to mention whenever I think of Jet, the first thing I think of is the beautiful necklace he wears made of Amber and Jet. He is very courteous and confident.  He is optimistic.  From the lessons I have learned from him through his writings and workshops is that to be balanced by not only working with the light but also with one's Shadow self.  He is a person I consider a leader and encourages postive growth within yourself.  He has taught me balance in my life both magical and the mundane.

The Tiger's Eye - Michelle Belanger

Michelle is someone I look forward to learning from every year at Convocation.  She embodies the energy of both male and female.  She is strong and beautiful.  She has taught me what I have learned about psychic energy and working within the spirit of one's own personal energy.  She has taught me about personal empowerment.  She is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met and a wealth of knowledge.  I aspire to hold myself with the grace, integritiy, courage and ability to see things for what they really are in both the magical world and the mundane.  She is also one of my favorite singers and a brilliant performer.

The Silver - Amber K

One of the highlights in my life was meeting Amber K.  The reason why she is so special to me is that her book True Magick was the very first book I bought when I began my studies into the craft over 20 years ago.  When I served in the US Army in my early twenties most of my fellow commards in arms kept a pocket bible, it was her book I kept in my right cargo pocket of my BDUs.  I have always felt a connection to her and also to the Moon.  This past year at Convocation I was able to meet her in person and attend a few of her workshops.  My friend and treasured jewel Cat (written about earlier) can contest to the fact that whenever I seen Amber for the first time I was speechless, which for me is something that seldomly happens! LOL 

Amber's energy is that of unconditional love and nurturing.  She appreciates nature and that shows throughout the training she offers at Ardantane which I hope to save money for and go study with for for a time whenever my schedule and health allows it.  She is my Silver as that precious metal is sacred to the Moon, just like I think she is sacred to the Moon. 

There are so many more precious jewels I would love to share with you, but I don't want to turn this into a book.  Maybe each month I will focus on writing about the ones I hold dear, sacred, and look to as special jewels.

Who are the "Jewels" you hold dear to your heart?

As I close this post, I am happy that I have so many treasures within my life.  Today I turn 39.  Each of these people have helped me become the Priestess I am today.  I am thankful to them for what they have taught me, shared with me, influenced me, and those I know that love me as much as I love them.  I am a very lucky girl!

Blessed Be,
Crystal T.

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