Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

So for the past few days, I have not been feeling good.  As I spoke to one of my coven sisters, we both noticed a lack in communication of another one of our sisters.  It was decided that today I would call her home to make sure everything is ok with her.  A few phone calls later, nothing...just her answering machine.  So I made the decision to call one more time, otherwise when Lancer got home I was putting the kids in the car and driving out to her place to make sure everything was ok.

So I called.....and finally her father answered.

She is ok, and everything is just fine there.   She is out exercising and the two have been attending some health seminars so they have not been home.

I am thankful that he answered the phone and let me know she is ok.  She's more than ok, she's an inspiration to me!  We have had quite a number of various health problems within our coven and past few weeks are all beginning to get answers to what ails us and we are on the road to recovery medically!  We are going to be some healthy butt kicking dames at the end of this year!

I am thankful that I am alive and know what ails me so that I can overcome it and get healthier and stronger each and every day!


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