Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thursday, a day that I personally gives my thanks to the Gods for all that is in my life.
Both the good and the they both have an impact on my life and who I am to this day.

For my first Thankful entry, I want to give thanks to the Gods for my Family.

Especially thankful to my parents, after all, without them, I would not be here.
My step-dad and Moma

My father (1943 - 2008)  

Those that know me, my childhood was not exactly what one would call happy.  I was abused by my biological father at an early age which resulted in their divorce.  Without going into much detail, lets just say I am not a fan of his, nor will I ever possibly be.  I am thankful that for a period in time, he and my mother fell in love.  They decided to get married and have a family. 

From that union, not only was I created but I also have a brother I love and a sister whom I not only love, but adore and is one of my greatest friends. 

Me and my sister in Salem, MA

I am also thankful that my mother was able to fall in love again.  J is a wonderful man and has been a great Dad to me during my young adult life.  He's always been one of my biggest supporters and told me I can do anything I wanted to do. 

There was also another man in my life that has impacted my life, my brother in law. 

He was there for me as a young child.  He was the man I could always count on.  He was the one helping me achieve my dreams such as driving me to and from ballet class.  Introducing me to the great rock n roll music of my life and told me yes you can be a guitarist.  Giving me a home whenever I needed one and was one of my supporters whenever I wanted to join the Army immediately after highschool.  His example, led to high expecations for any man that would want to become my husband.  Those high expectations led to:

Meeting my wonderful husband playing pool of all things at an amateur tournament for the APA. 
To this day we are happily in love and have been married over a decade and now have two handsome boys!
Commander Fox of the Clones

Our own R2D2 with squeaks and squeals of a 2yr old.

Thank you Goddess and God for the wonderful gift of family.  I am truly blessed!

Blessed Be,

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