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B is for Basil



Magical Properties:  Bansishing, Cleansing, Courage, Fertility, Hate, Healing dispute, Passion, Purification, Protection, Luck, Love  and Wealth
Element: Fire
Gender: Masculine
Ruled By: Mars
Diety: Krishna, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Erzulie, Brigit, Brigid
Holidays:   Imbolc, St. Basil Feast Day (Jan 1st)
Mystical Realm and Animal: Basilisk, Scorpion

From my research, Basil seems to have originated in India.  Most of my quest to find deity associated to this marvelous herb is that of Hindu origins.  From a culinary point of view, I know basil the best from eating alot of Italian food. 

Basil stimulates both the Heart and the Sacral Chakras. 
Stregthens the immune system and also can be used to kill germs.  Because of this mundane ability, I believe that basil is a vital herb in the magical world which can be used for banishing. 

Basil when consumed gives the person a warming sensation.  For this experience, I believe that basil's elemental correspondence is that of Fire.

From my research, basil is an herb associated to Imbolc.   

It also has many ties to helping a person crossover into the Summerland.  It was placed in the hands of the person dying to aid them in crossing over.  In India, basil leaves are placed in the dying person's mouth so that they are able to reach their God.  Ancient Egyptians and Greeks both used basil with the dying to assit them into entering the realm of death. 

Basil is also considered to be apart of the mint family.  I like to view mint as an herb of prosperity and more importantly money.  While in some parts of Italian and Roman Folklore, Basil was a symbol of both Love (in Italy) and Hate (in Rome). 

For the recipe/spell of this post, my focus is thinking towards the Italian influence and love.  So today I give you.....

Lover's Basil-aid

1/2 cup of loosely packed basil leaves (20-40 leaves pending size of leaf)
1/2 cup of sweetner of choice this could be sugar, honey, or agave nectar.  You can always sweeten to your preference.  Stevia can also be used, in drop form I like to use about 20-30 drops, but warning, I like things really sweet.
Juice of a whole lemon or a peeled and seeded lemon
6 cups of water

Place items into a blender.  Blend on high setting for 2 minutes.  Strain items thru a nut milk bag or Coffee Filters.  Serve over ice or store in fridge to cool for later use.  (Will last about 2 days in fridge.)

While spinning in the blender, focus your intent into the machine.

Spin Spin, razzle dazzle
Help me green herb basil
Smooth over our lovers quarrel
Help us continue to love beyond tomorrow

Now if the above is not suiting your taste, you can also consider this.  One of the foods I prepare every Valentine's Day is a pasta dish. My husband just loves spaghetti and always ask me to make it on this special day.  If you don't want to spend alot of money on items to make the drink above, just simply purchasing a few leaves of basil in the produce department won't break your wallet.  I prefer fresh, but if you do not have access to fresh, alot of stores do sell basil paste in a tube.  Just adding a few leaves to your normal spaghetti sauce be it red gravy made from scratch or from a jar can add a freshness and brightness to your dish.  When I think about spaghetti as a lover's dish I always go back to one image from my childhood.

Within my family, spaghetti with a tomato sauce is also considered a comfort food.  Why not use the comfort food to make your living situation more comfortable.  Focus on the Basil's aspect of prosperity and how its associated to money.  Use the intent of the herb's prosperity to bring more comfort into your life.

Find the magic within your meals!


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