Friday, June 3, 2011

Request Permission to Use

Today for the first time, I had someone call me and ask my permission to create a workshop on something I presented in the past.  I was floored.  Here is someone whom I entirely respect and admire asking ME for MY permission!  Usually, its me asking someone else for permission to do/use something. 

Of course I said yes, and I am honored that she even called me to ask!  I told her I am even willing to copy all my notes and mail them to her so its less work she has to research.  LOL 

I miss her so dearly, she has alot going on in her life.  Recently it was her birthday and very soon she's expecting another grandchild this week!!!   She asked me if I was able to go to PSG this year, but I don't know if I can swing it....and just for anyone reading this that is interested, the cut off date for Registration is TOMORROW!  June 4th!  So make sure to check out their website and register if you plan on going extremely soon!  There should be a link on my sidebar to the left and if not go to and click on the PSG tab! 

Nora, you are such a blessing in my life and you made my day today with your phone call!  Miss you, you beautiful woman!  I hope you have a fantastic time at PSG if I am unable to make it.

I hope everyone has a magical weekend!  Bring on Litha and the Summer Sun!


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