Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Long or Short?

I have always liked my hair short, but my love does not.  He prefers me with long hair. 
My hair is very slow at growing!  And now I have the new battle of the greys!  If I don't dye my hair I have a salt and pepper mix similar to many of the Hebert women in my family.  I did not get the Chautin gene with having the beautiful all silver hair like my grandmother Sophie! 

So I am debating what I should do, continue to attempt to be patient and let it grow out?  Or should I keep it short and just dye the heck out of it until I am 90 years old?

Me with short hair last Fall:

Or continue to let it grow out?   Me now:

What do you think?



  1. Hon, can you e-mail me your address again?

  2. Honestly, I prefer long hair myself (and haven't had it cut since I was 12), but it's more work and less practical.

    And as for color - I can't wait to have gray hair and become the crazy old witch. ^^ (Plus, dying is unhealthy, but again... every girl to her own liking.)

  3. If I knew it would be a pretty salt and pepper mix I would let it go naturally, but its a really weird mix almost skunkish. All at the top part of my head.

  4. Guy here! Hell yeah, you should grow it out. To some guys, nothing is sexier, and I'm one of those guys! lol. With your natural waves, you'll be transformed into a temptress! No foolin'! Ron


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