Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Spring Cleaning Begins

Well I am currently taking a short break to enjoy some "Mommy Time" while the baby is down for his nap.  Its been a rough few days as he is teething and hopefully experiences the outburst of his final two teeth that have not come in yet.  (Fingers crossed they make their debut very soon!)

Today I have been working on the beginnings of my Annual Spring Cleaning.  I go from room to room, wiping down walls, dusting everything in sight, changing linens, going thru closets for clothing that no longer fits, etc.  Today I also cleaned up the baby's altar in his room.  While I was pregnant I began the construction of the baby's altar.  Not knowing what I was going to have in the beginning, I used a yellow flannel receiving blanket as an altar cloth upon the dresser that would become Shaun's.  Above the cloth I placed a few various items that changed throughout my pregnancy.  I wish I took photos back then, but honestly I never really thought about doing so.  Guess I could re-create a few of them to show you as an example if there is interest in it.   

Shortly after I was pregnant I wanted to do something special for my pregnancy.  During Convocation while I was pregnant with Shaun, I came across who is now my favorite candle maker Coventry Creations (http://www.coventrycreations.com/).  She had a set of candles for a baby blessing. I immediately purchased them. It was a set of three candles so this became my Goddess, God, and Spirit candles.  I also placed upon the altar a baby's brush to represent the wand as well.   I have a few other things upon it as well.  Today I gave Tauret a good dusting.  Tauret is the Egyptian Goddess of pregnant women and childbirth.  While I was pregnant, my sister came to visit and she gifted me with this present to place upon my baby's altar while I was pregnant.  She gave me a purple hippo in the form of a stuffed animal.  It was perfect for the baby's altar.  Tauret was very dusty so she received a spring cleaning today along with the rest of the baby's room.  The brush which was representing the baby's wand has now been replaced by a home made wooden branch sling shot that his daddy will teach him how to use when he gets older.  I do also have other items upon it that have found its way Shaun's altar.  A white nosie maker is now the symbol for Air and four packets from the baby's protection spell that was gifted to us by my friends from the Rhea Lur Coven are now in a mason jar upon his altar.  The packets contain herbs and gemstones within them that were put in the four corners of Shaun's room but now that he is mobile and putting things into his mouth that he should not do, they have found their home upon his altar.

Well that is all for today, if you have children, do you have an altar that is for them?  What is on it?  I would love to see photos of other children's altars out there.

Blessed Be,
Crystal LunaRouge

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