Monday, February 7, 2011

Domestic Witch's Blog - Wonderful Giveaways!

Howdy Everyone!

As I sit here in a hospital waiting room (waiting for my hubby to get out of out patient surgery) I am trying to pass the time by reading one of my favorite blogs to read.  I thought that I would let everyone know that the recent button on my page of Homespun is her's (Domestic Witch's). 

You really should check out her blog because she is hosting several give aways.  One of them is about Divine Lotus Healing which is offerring a free spray to one lucky winner.  Here is to hoping that lucky winner will be moi!  LOL  (Seriously, I would love to get ahold of the Gaia Aura Spray!  Its ingridients sound divine!

So there are a few ways you can access Domestic Witch's blog from my website.
1.  If you click on the title link to this post, it should take you there (if I did it right).
2.  If you click on the Homespun Hullabaloo Button at the upper left portion of my blog page.
3.  If you scroll down a ways on the lower left you will also see her Domestic Witch blog button too!

So I have made it pretty darn easy for you to check her should go on over and pay her a visit now and tell her that Crystal's Cauldron sent you! 

Blessed Be,

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