Thursday, January 13, 2011

Organizing the Pantry



I wish I would have thought about taking pictures right from the beginning.  I did not until after I had cleaned out some items.  I also forgot to take a photo of the completely empty pantry.  Another good one would have been to take a photo of all the stuff out on the floor and my table once it was cleared.

There is still alot of stuff in my pantry, but at least now I can see all the food in it.  And the plus side was only two things were thrown away due to expiration dates.  One box of graham crackers (outdated by two years) and a container of mustard.   I was expecting alot more product to be tossed.  Glad I am using majority of my food before it reaches expiration.  

Now that my pantry is clean and organized, I look forward to participating in the Pantry Challenge 2011.  Its a challenge to use all the food in my pantry with minimal shopping at the grocery store until everything is used.
All I can see is that there will be a lot of tomato sauce foods in our near future.  Mushrooms was the second largest amount of canned goods we had as well.

Tonights dinner will most likely either be tacos or chili (either made from venison of course). 

It took me from 10am to 2pm to complete the cleaning and organization.  Before putting all the food back in, I washed the shelves with a Rosemary and Tea tree concoction for disinfecting and cleansing of the area.   It smells pretty good in there right now, but I will be putting the trash container and the bottle return can back in there as well. 

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  1. One thing I wish I had was more pantry space, we usually don't have much food in the house, and only shop day to day as we go...not very economically sound when u factor in gas money too...but its hard to determine when we will be home to eat or on the go---the majority of the time we aren't home at all :-/


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