Friday, October 8, 2010

Sisters of the Craft Gathering

A few friends and I have been talking for some time about hosting a women's only camping weekend. It will take place sometime next Fall in 2011.

It is the first time that any of us take on a task of this size, and frankly don't have much knowledge about throwing such an event.  Most likely our first turnout will be small and intimate and that is ok.  Right now, we pretty much know the "where" we want to have it, its now going to be more of "will they let us" have it.

After we acomplish that goal, then we can try to figure out the other details.

If you live in Michigan (or not but willing to travel) or would just like to be a mentor if you have hosted something like this before and would like to share your knowledge, please join us at our Yahoo Group.  You can either click on the title to this post or go to  to sign up. 

My first questions is whether or not we should provide food?  Or should everyone bring their own?  What should we ask for the fee to pay for the land we want to use? What would be a good price to ask for donation to our provider for the land we will be using if we are approved and given the "go ahead"?  What would you pay for a weekend of camping?   Do we have to carry insurance or can we do with people signing a Waiver of responsibility? 

Would you attend an event if all the presenters were "Local" or do you only attend events with "Big Names" ?  We certainly do not have the funds to get any Headliners, but is there a headliner out there that would donate their time to present a workshop?  If so, please PLEASE let me know! 

There are so many more questions, but I am glad that we have a year to plan!

Once again, if you would like to either give advice and input of what kind of event you like, please feel free to join our yahoo group and let us know!


  1. I think in the end it will turn out awesome...and I know we have ALOT of planning to do! Anything I can do I will do, and let me tell you, I wish I was going to this thing TOMORROW or ASAP cuz I really can use some R&R. I'm so stressed out and tired, got a migraine thats been brewing since i hit that traffic jam. If I can get some spare time I will see what I can dig up!

    p.s. I went to settings and turned off the word verification thing for comments, hope that helps!

  2. Okay, I'm drooling, are you happy now?! lol!

    Lots of good questions that need to be thought before answering. Just wanted to stop by to send a kiss first thing!


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