Sunday, September 19, 2010


Mabon is almost upon us.  Yesterday, I celebrated with my friends from SBS.  We had a small group in attendance, but it was a good one!  The Ligon is such a beautiful place, we are lucky to be able to circle there.  It is a site that I hope to have our "Sacred Sisters Weekend" next year sometime, possibly even during next Mabon.  The weather would be cool with less bugs to deal with. LOL.   I forgot to ask Jen and Terry if they wanted to do it as a joint KOTH/SBS thing.

The food was really good. Ravenswood made some awesome home made salsa that put even Chili's to shame (my fav restaurant chain). 

I look forward to the coming winter as I start to once again prepare my home with a deep cleaning (I do this every season).  Especially since we are trying to declutter, I am starting to use items that I was originally saving for a "Rainy Day".  We received crystal glasses when we were married 10 years ago.  I have kept them in their original box until recently.  I decided to donate our old glasses and put out our crystal ones.  I am tired of saving things for rainy days, I want to enjoy using them now. LOL

Eric and Dave installed our new front door and it looks good.  Coming home last night I noticed the stain glass work because the lights were all on.  It was really pretty. I get to admire my door's beauty.  During the day little rainbows appear throughout the living room floor as the sun shines in. 

Starting this week, its back to the Room by Room cleaning.  I will also conduct a "Swifting of Energy" and House Protection and Blessings for the coming winter.  More to come later.

From my family to yours, I hope you have a Magical Mabon! 

(Hey Tiff, I finally used the breadmaker you have recently gifted to me!  It works great!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GIFT!)

Blessed Be,

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