Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Herbal Lessons

Well if you know a little about me, I have become a student of Rosemary Gladstar and I am currently studying the "The Science and Art of Herbology". It took me three months to complete the first lesson and I am now moving onto the second. There are a few things I learned from lesson one.

Rosemary was one of the ladies that started Traditonal Medicinal Teas! A brand that I do currently purchase from Whole Foods and regular grocery stores over the "other" big name tea manufacturers.

My herbal pantry is much more stocked than I have previously realized. I currently have on hand for use:
Raspberry Leaf
Lemon Balm
Bee Balm
Egyptian Basil
St. John’s Wort
Black Cohosh
Hawthorn Berries
Lemon Verbana
Angelica Root
Orris Root
Comfrey Leaves
Rose Petals
Rose Hips
Passion Flower
Plaintain Leaf

My experience with Infusions and Decoctions will grow to a daily basis as I start experimenting with new herbs and learn about them (along with their tastes as well!)

There are multiple ways to prepare the herbs for infusions and decoctions.
Lunar infusions are more delicate and actually changes the taste of an herb compared to a Solar Infusion.

And my studies from lesson one started out with the Nervous System. Now onto the Liver!

Wish me luck that this lesson does not take three months to complete!

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