Saturday, August 15, 2009

Checking In

Well, Shaun is here now. He's six weeks old now. Just starting to hold his head up on his own and also coo. My how time flies when you are having fun! I have not blogged for some time here.

Lammas has come and gone. Mabon is ahead of us. This past Sabbat, the Coven and I welcomed a new sister into our family. Her name is Emerald. She's a wonderful lady with a quick wit and love of herbs as I do. She also can put up with my dry sense of humor (cause I don't have much of one, and when I do, its a bit weird. LOL)

"Hunter" and I are taking stock of items we have in our household. What we want to keep, what to sale, what to donate, etc. With this spruce of "Fall cleaning" I have started to redo many of my altars in our home. I will have to take down my wheat pentacle that I made for Lammas, somehow my familiar Trouble is able to reach it and has decided to try to eat it, and then get sick from it. So down it needs to come or find a "higher" home on the wall for it.

Today the family and I are going Rocket Blasting. Its a hobby that my hubby has had since he was a young man, and is now sharing it with our five year old. Along with the archery lessons. I like seeing father and son play and do the things that "Hunter" did when he was a child. He's teaching our son the things he loves including the game of chess and soccer.

So much is going on in my life right now, its almost a tailspin. I am almost done with my lesson/workshop proposals for Convocation, I just hope I am lucky once again to be approved to teach next year. I am excited that my friend from PSG, Nora Cedarwind Young will be presenting next year! All my nagging along with a few others has finally paid off! With Nora coming, I am sure that it influenced Selena Fox to venture out this way as well. So I am very excited about that as well! But with my luck, my presentations will be the same time as theirs and I will not be able to attend their classes which is usually what happens to me when presenters I like come. I have missed Dorothy Morrison's classes for the past time she attended. That is the only downside to presenting at Convo.

Anyways, here is me and the new boy, enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for following my blog! I may meet you at con! I'm hoping to attend this year, it would be my first time. I've heard great things.


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