Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting Ready

Well, the countdown is almost at hand for the arrival of my second son, Shaun. Not posting his middle name incase his grandmother "Me-maw" is reading this....its still a surprise to her. And for the record, its NOT Patrick! LOL (well seriously, its not, she would flinch everytime we recommended it cause her name is Pat).

One of the last things we need to get is the crib. It's not that we are procrastinating, we thought long and hard about purchasing one. We decided against it. Instead we are getting one recycled to us by my sister in law. So we will have one that has been in the family instead. Recently I visited a local Salvation Army and found sheets, matress protectors, and the cutest blue jean bumper.

Monday I go see a lady about a resuable diaper pail liner for my cloth diapers. I am still very nervous about using them for the first time but really want to give it ago. It would save us so much money and not to mention waste in our landfields by using them. I also have been in contact with my local La Leche League and will be attending their meetings shortly so that I can give a serious try at breast feeding this time around as well. With my first son, everytime he was hungry, someone (not me) was sticking a bottle in his mouth. So he did not want me most of the time.

Everything's been cleaned and sterlized that I currently have. My sister Autumn will be attendance for his birth and I am very excited about spending two weeks with her. I miss her. Mom was not able to come down due to her new job being a Nanny (and traveling one getting paid big bucks, you go mom!) but has promised me that she will come up for Yule with the entire family. I am so looking forward to that.

Otherwise, just trying to focus on making my house a home for our new arrival (not to mention those currently here)and also preparing for the Stanley Cup.....GO WINGS!!!!!

Hope all is well with you and your family! Beltane has passed and Litha is close at hand. If I do not blog due to baby preparations and arrivals, I would like to wish all the Dads out there, Happy Father's Day!!!!

Blessed Be,

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