Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Things in my Life

Happy Imbolc Everyone!

As the days will start to become brighter and warmer, good things have been happening to me in my life. I am thankful to the Lord and Lady for all the wonderful things they have blessed me with.

I have been published in one of my favorite magazines twice now and will continue to submit articles as I am inspired to write them. With any continued luck and elbow grease, may they turn into the production of the book that I have been working on as well. To date, there is still not hard copy of what I am writing about on the market that I can find anywhere.

My husband and I have found out that we are expecting our second child! It was great news that today the doctor called back with the chromosome tests I under gone during the past few months and can happily report that everything is A-OK with our unborn child and the percentages of the child being born with any kind of defect or illness is greatly in our favor of nothing short of a healthy child! It is such a great relief for that wonderful news!

My Coven and I got together for a wonderful Imbolc Celebration this past weekend. A few people were unable to make it but we thought of them often and also rededicated ourselves to our craft and to one another as coven sisters. We are in plans of scheduling the remainder of the Esbats and Sabbats for the rest of the year to be able to spend more time with one another and quit our "last minute planning".

Things in KOTH are going quite well. Today I checked our stats and we are very close to hiting the 10,000 mark of visitors. Incredible numbers! Far beyond what any of us thought we could receive. Less than 700 visits are among the members for the past few years! We have one sister in a play and we are so proud of her! YOU GO IBIS! We love you girl!

Convocation is almost here. I am going to be presenting again this year and one of those is a repeat of a workshop I did last year! I was surprised to be teaching it again. I received the feedback from last year's comment cards and they were all extremely positive! That was a very nice surprise as well.
I will be presenting a new workshop this year and look forward to what the response will be for that one as well.

I have been traveling alot since Samhain, so its time to buckle down. Need to refresh and prepare myself for Convocation. After Convo its time to buckle down and get back to my Scathach training with my mentor Kerr Cuhulain as well as get back to posting lessons for KOTH as well.

In the next few weeks, Autumn will be flying up to visit as well as attend Convocation with me. We are trying to plan a KOTH dinner while she is here for all the members here in Michigan.

The economy in Michigan is still very slow going. I am still unemployed and looking for work. Its not getting me down. I have a wonderful husband that supports me and together we have a plan. While I look for work, my goals are to save us as much money as possible. One of the things I have had to give up is the ability to buy everything organic. As much as I love Whole Foods, I have to stay away from them for a while until our finances improve. With that, I returned to an "old friend" Aldi's. I was very surprised that they do offer some (not all, but some) organic choices. I filled my cart to the brim and then some. I almost needed to call a friend because I did not know how I would transport all my purchases home. Luckily I was able to do so. I spent just over $200 and came out with over 50 planned meals to feed three people plus have left overs for lunch the following day. That would be $200 divided by 50 = $4.00 per meal. Take that $4 a meal and now divide it by 3 people and its roughly $1.33 per person for each meal. Not bad I think! I look forward to living a frugal life.

Goddess Bless you All!

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