Friday, March 2, 2012

E is for Elder - Amber K

Now I normally write about food as I am researching how food effects us spiritually. 
These past few weeks my thoughts have been consumed with a Pagan gathering called ConVocation.

February is one of my favorite times of year, I get to meet with a large mass of Pagans under one roof, drumming, workshops, great conversations, fantastic rituals, and meet alot of people I normally would not be able to meet under the everyday mundane life circumstances.

This year was no exception.  When I first started in the craft I was just entering the stage of life becoming a young adult.  I was a teen like most people I know when they turned to the craft.  I was in the closet most of my teen years with few people knowing that were closest to me during that time.  I went on to graduate high school and then entered into the military (Army).  One of the few books I had with me while in service to the United States was a small green book.  While everyone I knew in the Army carried a small pocket bible in their cargo pocket, my "bible" was this small green book.

In my lifetime I have purchased two copies of this book.  The first was when I was in highschool learning about the craft.  The second copy was to replace my first copy while in the Army when it got drenched in a training drill during hurricane season.  I learned to carry my book in a ziploc bag after that incident.  When I purchased my second copy, I paid $4.95 plus tax for a brand new book....that goes to show how much inflation has gone up during the years. LOL 

From this book is where I built the foundation for how I practice the craft to this day. From Amber, I learned about setting up my first altar, working with energy, plus many other things!  This book is so important to me that I still have the second copy I purchased over two decades ago as well.  This year at ConVocation, the MEC provided me with the opportunity to meet someone I consider an Elder in my life and practice of the craft, Amber K.    For me an "Elder" is someone that is influential within your tribe or community. This person has an impact upon your life in a positive way.    That is definitely what Amber is to me.

I went to one of Amber's workshops with my friend AmethystCat.  Prior to the workshop we had a few minutes where I had the opportunity to go and ask Amber to sign my book.  I was too nervous to do so.  It's not that often I am at a loss for words...this was one of the few rare occassions where I became shy.  After her workshop, I finally built up enough courage to ask her to sign my book.  She was even kind enough to let me take a photo with her.

This day is definitely one of my magical highlights within my life.  It is one day that I will never forget.  To learn more about Amber, you can visit her website at .

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  1. Elderberry pie made by my Grandma....yummy. I've jazzed it up a bit by adding apple to help with all the juice from the berries.


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