Friday, March 9, 2012

E is for Eggs

Last week I wrote about something different from what I have been doing.  Now its time to get back to the food.  With Ostara almost upon us, of course I would write about the wonderful Egg. 

Every year since I was a small child, one of my favorite things to do during the springtime was dye eggs.  Even though I was brought up Catholic, this tradition does have its own Pagan roots as well.  As I am now an adult, I still enjoy this practice very much each and every year doing it along side my two small children.    Whenever I have the time and energy I also opt to use food ingridients to make my dyes for the eggs.  However on occassion I still have to use the commercial pill products available on the market if I don't physically have the energy to stand over the stove cooking the natural items.  It happens and I am ok with it. If you are able to make your own natural dyes, you can infuse those dyes with your magial intent making your eggs magical vessels to carry your own spellwork in one form or another.  This can be done by eating the egg (taking the energy into yourself) or burying the egg to nourish Gaia and bring forth your desire or purpose.  Another method some people use such as myself is to save the shells and after they have been cleaned grind them into a fine powder.

There are many websites out there that can provide you with recipes for making your own natural dyes.  Some of my favorite charts and recipes come from:

Now this won't be a post about how to do them specifically, there are only so many ways one can write boil egg,  put in color bath, etc. So if this is something you are interested in, then please check out the above links for the instructions on how to do it. 

Using eggs in spells is not uncommon.  My own coven uses the egg in several applications from meditations, affirmations, protection spells, fertility spells, prosperity spells, healing spells, plus many many more.   Not only is the egg a symbol of life which is the reason I personally use the egg in many of my own spells,It is also a valuable tool that can be utilized within the realm of using Color Magick.  You can create many different designs on the egg and dye it in whatever color you need to help emphasize the end result you are trying to achieve.  Lastly, in using eggs in spells, I also like to use Floral as well as Gemstone Essences, using the egg as a carrier for these energies is fantastic as well. 

I don't have any photos at the present time because frankly I have never thought about taking photos in the past.  This year I will take pics whenever we dye eggs this year for Ostara and will post later on.  I won't be dying alot of eggs this year since it would simply be a waste of food.  With my kidney disease, I can not eat alot of protein at the present time.  Unfortunately, I am also the only person in my family that will eat hard boiled eggs.  So we will limit the amount we are boiling this year.  It will be limited to one dozen.  Each person will have one egg for their personal desire that they want to manifest for the upcoming turn of the Wheel for Spring to Spring (the boys usually are trying to manifest the latest electronic game they are after), then there is usually at least one (if not more) for the protection of our home that is buried close to our front door (which also nourishes the soil for our upcoming calendula or marigold flowers that will be planted this year to detract mosquitos from our front door), and then the final eggs are for my husband and myself to use for our own personal desires such as prosperity, health, or whatever strikes our fancy. 

Embrace the Egg! 

For those that will be celebrating it shortly, Happy Ostara!


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