Friday, February 24, 2012

Detroit Pagans - ConVocation 2012

It's a magical time in Detroit, Michigan.   Right now I am at ConVocation!  Its the second day of this fantastic event and I am having a great time!   This year's Guests include Selena Fox, Amber K and Azrael Arynn K, Raven Kalendra, Jacki Smith, Michelle Bellanger, plus many others.  This year I am also a presenter (my 5th year presenting) providing workshops on Mooncycle Magic and also a workshop based off my book A Pagan Pregnancy called "The Pregnant Pagan Priestess". 

Yesterday I had dinner with my KOTH Temple family and friends (Katherine, AmethystCat, Ibisfire, and Jenn plus met her friend Umi.  Not sure if I spelled it correctly) as we always do the first night of the convention.  We share our meal together and discussed the excitement we have for the upcoming weekend, were in awe of Jenn's drink being a beautiful sunrise, and discussed what we wanted to do, what classes we were excited for attending, drumming, the masquerade ball plus many other things.

ConVocation is presented by the MEC here in Detroit.  This was our first year at a new hotel the DoubleTree Hilton Dearborn.  This hotel was so beautiful.  There is an old Model T car in the lobby along with a waterfall pond (wish I took photos of them!).  The Opening Ceremony was held in the lobby area and was very open and wonderful.  The Con Chair and her team performed a wonderful ceremony.  

Last night I was able to attend JoAnn's (aka GreenWoman) drumming circle.  This is the time of year when I am able to play my djembe with such a large group of people.  Those I circle with the most simply just are not into drumming...I am the drummer of our group.  So I tend to get excited when I can learn new rhythms from other people since I consider myself a novice.  Last year I was able to drum for hours at a time and not be effected.  This year was a different story.  Due to my illness (kidney disease and now Lupus) I simply did not have the energy to drum the entire time.  I tried to pace myself by my excitement got the best of me...after an hour I simply could not carry on.  Kathy (great friend, coven sister, and also my "Magical MacGuyver") called out recognizing that I was not feeling well and suggested that we go to the room to rest.  The constant looking up around the room and then looking at down at the face of my drum began to make me feel off balance.  It could also have been the enourmous amount of energy that was being created in the room during the drumming circle.  We were blessed as a group to be led by JoAnn and also were able to witness some very energetic and trance dancers feeding off of our energy and returning the favor by providing us with their energy of dance.  For once there were more male dancers than there were female.  It was a nice change to see some gentlemen let loose and move around the circle. 

This is just a short post today.  I really enjoyed the classes that I attended and will write another post later on when I can collect my thoughts and write more.  So tired, must sleep now!

Good Night all, good night to all my friends at Convocation. 


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  1. Sounds wonderful, IU was at Pantheacon last week and had a great time.


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