Thursday, February 2, 2012


The artwork above many items I use during Imbolc.  The artist's name is Heidi Sutton.  Every year at Convocation, she has many treasures displayed in the Art Show Room at Convocation in Michigan.

I have both a print in a frame as well as a journal that adornes this wonderful likeness of Brigid.  I only use it for Imbolc and write my thoughts and dedications of things I need to bring into the light. 

Today I am not feeling very well.  One of my children is sick and I think I am catching whatever it is he has.  My throat is swollen shut barely can drink anything much less take the medicine I need to take for my kidney disease.  Can you say 2" horse pills? 

So today I will be taking it a bit easy.  I am going to be experimenting on making a "Nut Cheeze" today.  With my new path of Vegetarianism and goal of going Vegan this will be something I will need to learn how to do since there are not many commercial products I can purchase close to home.  I also have to play with the various nuts and seeds as some have more protein than others.  Protein is one of the things I really need to watch out for consuming. 

Right now I have a mason jar of almonds soaking overnight and it is going to be a small batch of Almond Nut milk before the end of the day.  If I can remember I will take a photo or two to share.  Now its just whether or not to sweeten it with dates, figs, or vanilla bean. 

Later in the day, I will let the baby express himself with artwork via crayola.  This morning I finished the birdseed feeder made from Peanut Butter and a dried pomagrante I kept from last Fall.  I have already seen our Kamakasi squirell take off with it.  We nick named him Kamakasi because he likes to do flying leaps into our big bay window.  We can only think during the summer months he sees his own reflection and thinks its another squirrel moving into his territory.  We know its the same one each year because of his nubbed tail that we got into a fight standing his ground and protecting his oak tree in our yard.   

I hope everyone has a great Imbolc.  Puxatony Phil says it is 6 more weeks of winter and I believe him.  Michigan has not had a great deal of snow, we usually get hammered this month throughout March. 

Blessed Be,

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