Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday - Rant

Ok so this is more of a rant than my usual truly thankful posts.

I am so "thankful" (can you hear the sarcasam as I write this?) that you decided to "accidentally" take my son's best friend's croc shoes from Burger King today. 

Now if you are the child (approx 8-10) year old you should know better to which pair of shoes are yours, shame on you!  If you are the parent, shame on you for not knowing which were your child's shoes and letting them walk off with someone else's shoes.

May Karma catch up with you and deal you a dose of your own medicine quick and swiftly to remind you of what you have done today! 

Now I know I can not trust my children's shoes to be placed in the shoe rack at my local Burger King.  From now on, my children (and anyone else with me) shoes will be placed at our table for me to protect from thieves and the accidental wandering  hands (that take them) and feet (that wish to wear someone else's shoes instead of their own). 

I am so pissed off, now I need to replace a pair of expensive Croc shoes with several of the charms that were on them!  I don't have the money to do it, but feel responsible since it happened on my watch! 

Please Karma, bite them very hard!


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