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P for Pregnancy

Recently the subject of Fertility Magic has come up within our Temple and I thought I would post an excerpt from my book "A Pagan Pregnancy".   I hope you enjoy this sample reading.



Chapter 1 – Fertility Altars

Planning a pregnancy was very viable for my husband and me.  Due to medical issues on both sides of the spectrum, we had to plan our pregnancy from the start.  Medically, we knew what was needed and required of us to conceive a child.  Spiritually, for my own being, was entirely a different matter.  I knew I had a short window of opportunity and that I needed all the help from the Goddess and God I could get!

I decided that I really wanted to set up a fertility altar for becoming pregnant.  As I began my research, I would find correspondences here and there for fertility. Two things that kept reoccurring in some Wiccan rituals symbolizing the “Great Rite” were the Chalice and the Blade.  The chalice symbolizes the Goddess’s Womb.  Then there is the male deity that the blade symbolizes the God.  I included another item upon my altar that symbolized an “end result” of the God and Goddess.  I used a single red rose with its thorns intact.  For me this is a symbol of the union of the God and Goddess. I believe it to be a material symbol of the Great Rite if you will.  The red petals of the rose symbolized the Goddess and the stem of thorns symbolized the God.  It contains both the male and the female into one being.  It holds both the light and the dark in one life force.  I then added two green candles, another symbol of fertility.   The final tool I placed upon my Fertility Altar was a baby alphabet block painted with both blue and pink.  My altar cloth was a baby receiving blanket that was neutral in gender.  I was not asking for a specific gender of a child, just the one that the Goddess knew was right for my husband and me.  My sister has always told me, that what we want and what we need in our lives are two very different things.  So I was placing my trust in the Goddess for the child’s gender.

     My altar’s construction started upon the phase of the New Moon.  I chose this phase of the moon for its symbolism of new beginnings.  Also with starting upon the New Moon, my spell and ritual practice would grow as the Moon would grow.  To gain “Luna’s” power this way, my personal name for the moon, was very important to me.  As she waxed and gained in stature making her way once again to being full, I hoped with all my heart I would also fill my womb with child.   So I placed these items upon an altar.    Every night right before going to bed, I lit the candles and meditated on my desire to become a mother.  This is the affirmation that I used:

“Mother Moon, Mother Moon
Cast your light upon to me,
Help me feel my need
Help us to grow a seed within me.”

I did this every night for the course of the moon until its next New Moon.

     I also conducted other meditations and spells along the way to conceiving with this altar setup.  One of the first spells I conducted was to call out for the future spirit of our child.  I set forth my desire into the world asking for the Goddess to answer my call.   During our lovemaking sessions, besides being focused on my husband, I would also think about the two of us and the qualities we could generate into our future child.  I would ask for our child to be a mirror image of the two of us.  Take our qualities both the good and the bad and combine them into the child that is supposed to be for us.  I asked her for a child who would challenge us and yet also remind each of us about the other.  Unfortunately for my husband, both of our sons possess my stubbornness and irritability whenever they get hungry.    They are also blessed with my sensitivity to reacting to situations.  My sons and I can become very emotional pending the situation.

     When creating an altar for your future child, it can become something that the whole family participates in doing together.  Include photos of all your family members and ancestors.  Use your own judgment when constructing your own altar.  Use items that are important to you.   There are many things you can choose from to put onto your altar.  You could include “Mother” Goddess statuary.  Include items from you or your partner’s birth.  At one point in time, bronzing baby’s shoes were quite the rage.  If you have any items that have been handed down from generation to generation, you may want to include these items as well.  My husband’s 90-something Great Aunt crocheted a hat for our first child.  Her frail hands and poor eyesight did not stop her from her mission.  Her health had been failing for many years and her newest goal in life was to hold her future great-great nephew!  She accomplished her task at hand making a beautiful baby cap made with soft white yarn with blue and pink specs because we did not know what the gender of our child would be.

     Here you will find a chart which lists baby items and what elemental properties I feel they possess.  Now not every single baby item is listed.  What is provided are the smaller items that would fit onto a dresser top to construct an altar that is in the baby’s nursery.  Please remember to have any altar high enough and out of reach of any children.   I hope these items will help you in your efforts of building a magical altar, whether it is for fertility, after conception, or a special altar to celebrate your forth coming arrival of a child.  The lists are compiled of but some of the everyday items a parent may want to use.  It is not necessarily a complete list as things are invented every single day to assist us in the care of our children.

Earth Elemental Chart of Baby’s Items:
Baby Booties or Shoes
Stuffed Animals
Baby Food
Diaper Rash Cream (especially the organic options made from plant materials.)
Diaper Bag
Play yard
Bed Sheets
Baby Oil
Cradle / Crib, or Bassinet
Insulated Tote

Air Elemental Chart of Baby’s Items
Dream Catcher
Musical Toys
Nose Aspirator
Audio Visual Monitors
Car Seat
Bottle Drying Rack
Sling or Wrap Carrier
Books, Music, DVDs
Gas Relief Drops

Fire Elemental Chart of Baby’s Items
Night Light
Battery operated Tea Lights
Baby Spoon
Teething Toys
Wiper Warmer
Bottle Warmer
Bottle Sterilizer
Nail Clippers
Pain Relief products
Outlet Covers
Safety Latches
Brush and Comb
Colic Remedies

Water Elemental Chart of Baby’s Items:
Diapers (including Cloth)
Nursing Pillow
Mother’s Milk or Formula
Breast Milk Containers / Storage Bags
Breast Pump
Breast Pad / Breast Shields
Burp Cloths / Lap Pads
Nursing Wrap or Cover
Bottle Brush
Dishwasher Caddy
Bath Tub
Wash Cloths / Hooded Towels

Spells Casting Tips

Spells in Magic can be as simple or elaborate as you choose them to be.  Some spells can manifest within a few minutes and some may take much longer growing into a few years of working them.  Please remember that when Spell Casting for Fertility there are a few things that you should keep in mind and close to your heart.

Tip One is when working a spell for fertility and pregnancy, it is best for both the spell caster and the future child that the mother be in a stable and loving relationship first.  This type of spell work should never be done in an attempt to hold onto someone in a relationship by introducing an unborn child into the mix.  It’s not fair to everyone that is concerned in the relationship, not the mother, father (or partner), and especially to the unborn child.

Tip Two is keeping in mind Tip One, a person should never use or perform fertility and pregnancy spells without their partner’s consent.  Creating life is a magical experience for all that is concerned.  It would also be better for everyone concerned that they are on the same page and have the same desire for a child with one another creating a family for themselves.

Tip Three is to never use fertility and pregnancy spells to “curse” another woman.    It not only would harm the person who it is aimed at but also would hurt the unborn child exposing it to negative energy right from the first moment of its life.  If you are Wiccan, this would surely be against the Wiccan Rede.

Tip Four is that if a spell requires specific material, make sure you understand why each item is being used.  While some people think you should always follow a spell exactly, I tend to disagree.  Two people can cast the exact spell with the same tools and have a very different outcome.  I feel the difference is because of each person’s unique energy within themselves.  Never do any spell work without doing prior research on the spell yourself.  If it’s someone else’s spell, always understand why they are using specific colors for candles, essential oils, and so forth.  I do include Correspondences in this book so you can understand what items are used for what reasons.  Please feel free to further your research and come to your own understanding for Correspondences.  For example, each person has a different reaction to colors in their spell work.  Make sure that the colors you use are the ones that you are most comfortable with if you are experienced in spell work.  If you are new to the world of spell casting, feel free to use my personal correspondence as a starting point.  As your craft grows, you will learn what colors are good for you and what is not.

Tip Five is that with any spell, patience is a virtue.  Some spells manifest easier than others.  Do not expect to become pregnant right away with the very first spell you try.  There will be a few people out there that are “Fertile Myrtle’s” such as I have been called in the past, but not every woman’s body is exact.  Get to know your body through your “Mooncycle” (menstrual cycle) and your results for spell work should manifest sooner than later.  If it ends up being over a year that you are trying, you should seek the advice of your medical professional.  It just may be a condition that medical may trump the magical that you will need their help as well.

Tip Six is going with patience, you also need to have faith that it will manifest.  Do your best to stay positive and stress free.  Negative emotions will hinder your chances of becoming with child.  The energy you put into any spell pregnancy or otherwise would still stand here.  The energy of what you put into it is the energy that you will get out of it.



After Encounter Spell

After an encounter of making love, take a few moments afterward to focus on some energy work.  One thing I would do afterward is I would take my pentacle necklace I wore every day and lie down holding the pentacle above my womb.  I would focus my energy in having it swing deosil.  Then I would visualize the child I wanted to grow within my womb.  Then I would chant:

“Maiden Mother Crone,
Help this child to grow up strong.
Within me bless this seed
Within me, so mote it be.”


Fertility Sachet Spell

1 Green Mojo bag or cloth material
1 teaspoon Red Clover Flowers (dried)
1 teaspoon Nettle (dried)
1 teaspoon Lavender (dried)
All three of these herbs are essential to the Pregnant Pagan Priestess.  Making a Fertility Sachet also uses the Herbal Allies spirits as well in their dried form apart from drinking them in teas or infusions.  Place about a teaspoon of each of the herbs in your bag.  Rub the bag between your hands to crush the herbs and release their scent.   Focus your energy into your sachet and feel the heat leaving your hands and going into your sachet.  Place your sachet into one of two places your lingerie drawer or inside of your pillow case and use it similar to a dream pillow.  Each month make a new sachet.
Option:  You may wish to include rosebuds into your sachet as well to enhance the chances of romantic interludes with your partner/spouse.


Cord Magic Spell

Cord magic can be a powerful tool.  What you will need for this particular spell is two pieces of string.  The strings should be long enough so that you can wear them on your person.  You will need to be able to fasten and also untie them for the next couple of days.  I suggest the length be long enough to wrap around your wrist at least two times (if you plan on wearing it as a bracelet) to ensure you have plenty of room to tie your knots needed for this spell. It can be much longer in length if you plan to wear it as a necklace or belt around the waist. The first color which the mother will wear is red.  This color symbolizes the blood of life.  The father (or partner) should wear the color green to increase fertility.  The spell will begin on the first day of the mother to be’s menstrual cycle.  On the first day, the two of you will start to wear your strings. The first week or so will be during the mother’s cycle.  During this time you are infusing your energy into your string for your desire of a child.  Approximately ten days after the mother’s cycle begins, she will be quickly approaching her most fertile time of her cycle.   From days ten to fifteen, once each day while you are thinking of your husband or partner, tie a knot in your string.  So it will look something like this:

Day 1 – Begin wearing your strings to begin the spell.
Day 2 – Infuse your energy into your string.
Day 3 – Infuse your energy into your string.
Day 4 – Infuse your energy into your string.  Think about your desire for a child.
Day 5 – Infuse your energy into your string.  Think about your desire for a child.
Day 6 – Infuse your energy into your string.  Think about your desire for a child.
Day 7 – Infuse your energy into your string.  Think about what a good parent you will be.
Day 8 – Infuse your energy into your string.  Think about what a good parent you will be.
Day 9 – Infuse your energy into your string.  Think about what a good parent you will be.
Day 10 – Both tie a knot
Day 11 – Both tie a knot
Day 12 – Both tie a knot
Day 13 – Both tie a knot
Day 14 – Both tie a knot
Day 15 – Both tie a knot
Day 16 – Take off your strings and tie the two together in the center point of your strings.

At the end of day sixteen, you will have a total of thirteen knots. The two cords are joined symbolizing two individuals creating a third. Place this finished cord upon your Fertility Altar to increase your energetic odds for a successful conception.

Another tip for fertility is that if you were hand fasted and still have the broom from your ceremony, this item should be considered a powerful tool for fertility.  Take your broom and place it under your bed.  If it will not fit under your bed, consider hanging it on the wall above your headboard or somewhere in your bedroom where space allows.  If you do not have a broom from your hand fasting, I suggest purchasing a silver broom pendant to wear during this time of wanting to conceive.

Take Charge of your Fertility Ritual

     The word “Lunaception” was created by Louise Lacey.  I received her book as a gift when I was pregnant with my first child.  I definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn more and take control of their own fertility.  From what I gather the term is defined being “Lunaception” is when ovulation is controlled by the light around you. To attempt this ritual you must be aware of your menstrual cycle.  What you will do is leave all the lights you can in your home on, especially in your bedroom for the three nights halfway during your cycle.  The rest of the nights, you will want your bedroom in complete darkness.  If you are performing this ritual during the summer months, you will want to add layers of darkness to your bedroom windows such as black out curtains, darker fabric on top of your curtains to add layers, or even place aluminum foil taped to your window to block out the sunlight.  No matter what you use, you will need it to be in total darkness for the specified nights.  During the three nights when the lights are left on, your body should ovulate.  You will need to have intercourse during this time if you want to improve your odds to conceive.

     You can assist this ritual by preparing the bedroom which by all purposes will be your ritual area.  Cleaning the bedroom also helps by eliminating any stress you may experience about worrying what your house looks like.  A Fertility Goddess and God Statues upon your altar, preferably near the bed.   If at all possible, place the Goddess statue on the mother-to-be’s side of the bed and the God on the spouse or partner’s side of the bed.

     Start by cleansing the area.  For this I have chosen using the element of Air, where you have a few different options.  If you want to include incense, I would suggest Rose or other delicate scent.  You do not want to have an overpowering scent that will dominate the room. You want to help accent the experience. Another method would be to sweep your bedroom.  You can do this either magically using a besom, or mundanely using your vacuum.  A third method would be to either use a bell or fan changing the energy within the bedroom.

     Now onto the element of Water, a little “bath magic” would be very useful in this ritual’s cleansing process.  A shared bath or shower can be a very positive experience!  You can use soap that is scented with an herb that is good for fertility or passion.  Just remember, so not go for one of the hot steamy shower scenes we often see in the movies or television.  Hot water kills sperm.  You do want to use warm water in this case.  Or have fun with cold water using your body heat and passion to keep warm.

     Third we will use the element of Earth. I for one always love a new set of clean sheets on the bed.  You may want to invest in sheets in the fertility colors of red and green. This also helps “set the mood” having “special” sheets for a specific purpose.  Decorations can also be included such as Roses with dark green Fern leaves.  You may also want to include any other “tools” to help set the mood such as a special wine or champagne (included in the Earth element as they are made from grapes), chocolate covered strawberries, massage oils in you and your partner’s favorite flavors, special “toys” you may want present to help increase the pleasure and magic of the evening.  The two most important tools are you and your partner!

     The two of you cast a circle around your bed.  Include in your calling and invocations symbols of fertility and the Lord and Lady you wish to have to bless and assist you with conceiving. Focus on each other as the representations of the Fertile Maiden and the potent Hunter in the Great Rite.   Meditate on each other’s body.  Focus on the two of your desire and love for one another.  Let the mood build with your increasing energy.  Become one with each other.  Make love.

     For the three days of the Lunaception, when you keep the lights on and also keeping the circle open.  Some people do not like to leave every light on, but choose to use an abundance of candles.  While this may make it more romantic, please never leave a candle burning unattended.  The use of the new small LED battery operated candles may work in their place keeping you safe.  Another thought would also be to keep bright night lights close to the mother’s side of bed.  The light being on is more for her than that of the father or partner.  Repeat this process as often as you wish.  After the third and final night, close the circle the morning after.

     Now there are several types of fertility rituals out there.  They can range from sex magic, mojo bags, candle magic, plus many other forms.  Hopefully, you will find one that works for you.


Disclaimer:  Please note that no amount of magic can help a woman become pregnant if there is something wrong medically.  Always have a physical with your OBGYN or other medical practitioner to make sure to rule out any medical problems.   Also magic can never "guarantee" a desired outcome.  

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