Friday, June 22, 2012

Pagan Blog Project - L is for Litha (with children)

I was purposefully waiting to post my "L"s when it came closer to Litha.  I promise I will catch up and finish the project with everyone by the end of the year when this wonderful project comes to a close.

I am a mother of two children.  Both are boys and they are 5 years apart.

I have always found it difficult to share what I believe with my children.  I dont know why, it just has been.  I think possibly I don't want to force what I believe upon my children.  I was raised Roman Catholic and had to go to Catechism every week.  While I have very fond memories learning that faith with friends and family when I became older I did not feel as if it were for me.  It was not until I was a teen that I learned that one could change what they believe. 

I am apart of a multi-faith family that believes in different things.  We have Christians, Pagans, Native American "Great Spirit", and at one point also a Hindu (ex-sister in law now).  My mother in law is an amazing woman trying to celebrate or recognize each person's faith into the family celebrations. 

Here are a few things that I like to do with my children during Litha:

 Watching alot of fairy type movies and videos (lots of Tinkerbell and Fern
Gully) when he was younger.

We have made our own Sun dial in our yard one year.

Lots of Blowing Bubbles and sending wishes off in the sky towards the sun.

Made a fairy house and put near our big oak tree.

Have a picnic

Read this book:

Make fresh squeezed lemonade

Make lavender sugar cookies

Make a wish blowing a dandelion

Catch Fireflies in the evening

Go deer spotting at dusk in the woods

Visit farmers markets and let the children choose one veggie and one fruit to
eat for dinner.

We were going attempt to plant a garden this year, but due to my health and now
sun allergy we are forgoing that one again this year. We did plant some
cilantro in a container and its growing (so far) on my dining room table. LOL I
don't have much of a green thumb.

These are just but a few of things I like to do every year with my children...what do you like to do with yours if you have any?

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Litha and enjoyed the Sun!  Unfortunately, I can not remain in the sun for any length of time with out UV clothing because of medical reasons...It really sucks!  I just want to pitch a blanket in the backyard and bask in its glory and feel his warmth!



  1. You can do lots of gardening in weeding and all you have to do is water them and that can be in early moring or late evening. I do this.

  2. Forgot to mention - you can even do carrots and onions in containers

  3. Really enjoyed, thank you

    Rachel x


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