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Pagan Blog Project - K#2 "To Know"

Second in the series for the letter K is.....To Know

To Know is one of the first principles (elements, points, what ever you may refer to them as ) in what most of us know at the Witch's Pyramid or Hermetic Quaternary.  It is also known by many other names as well.  I won't be talking specifically about the Witch's Pyramid but knowledge in general.

Education for me is very vital.  I am one of the girls in school that would be labeled as a geek, because I loved LOVED going to school!  Some classes like History and Chemistry more so than classes such as Gym and English, but I always loved to learn something knew each and every day.  There is the moment in your head when you feel like you just don't get it and you want to repeatedly hit your head against the wall.  Then suddenly, that "light bulb" in your head goes on and you understand what the lesson is to be learned!  Those are great feelings and sometimes happens to us in Magic as well.

In my own use of candle spells, manifest boards, mojo bags, plus the other forms of spell work I like to use a similar feeling has occurred once or twice in my lifetime. 

Can you feel the sarcasam in my words?

It's happened to me quite a lot over my lifetime.  Some things work and some things do not.  In the beginning when I came into the craft more so than the amount it happens now.  Why?  In the beginning I didn't know anything.  I was trying to practice magic without any guidance and was alone in my early years as a teen in Lafayette, LA.  I knew of only one other person that was Pagan (Wiccan to be exact) and frankly I was scared to talk to him about it.  When I finally built up the courage to talk to him, he gave me my very first book, which in turn lead to be one of my staples throughout my life and I still have that book in my library to this day.  (It's in the form of its second copy because the first one I used so much the pages were falling apart, but the same title of the book.)

Before Eric I would cast many spells in the form of "How to find Love" many many many times.  Sometimes it would bring forth a person that would good for me for a time, and other times it led to disaster.  There were people that were brought into my life to teach me that I could love someone since I was a child of abuse and did not trust men for a very very very long time.  Then there were the people the spells brought into my life that I fell head over heels for and we were good together but not meant for one another.  The break up was brutal for me and I went back into not trusting men again.  Again, I had no clue what I was doing, where knowledge comes into hand in casting many of these spells.  I went into a time where I was not going to settle down with anyone.  I was going to dedicate myself to my studies and learn more about the craft. 

Many years later with a better knowledge of correspondence and understanding of things, I thought I would try to cast another "love spell".  This time what I did is I used one of my favorite spells written by Raymon Buckland.  I can't remember which book I saw it.  It was either his Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft which many of us refer to as the "Big Blue Book"  or it was in his Practical Candleburning Rituals: Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose.  I know that the spell I used was not written for love but for "Overcoming a Bad Habit".  To make light of a situation from my past, I dated alot of red headed men.  They (in general) were my bad habit specifically one in particular I was having trouble letting go of and from that relationship no longer trusted men once again.  I used much of Mr. Buckland's principles and also substituted many of my own to also include finding love.  I used a very long long narrow burrow (dresser) to place my many candles needed upon.  The timeframe it took for me to complete this spell was about a month.  Another difference is that I burned my candles (large pillars) every day and meditated compared to a weekly burning of them.  This was very sucessful as the day after I completed the spell, I went to Las Vegas where I met the man I would marry.  This year we will have known each other sixteen years and married for twelve of them.  We also have two handsome boys that are the mirror image of their father!

Our Wedding Day July 2000

Proof to my mom I would have dated him in High School. LOL

2011 right before I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Kidney Cancer.

Knowing the difference and use of correspondence from the first times I was casting spells to now, I am more sucessful now a days in my spell casting.   I have learned that each person has their own personal correspondence that works for them.  Say for example the color red.  Most people think when they see red about passion, fire, and love.  In my personal spells pink is the color that most represents anything love for me in my spell crafting.  For another friend, she has found that Orange is the color that works best for her (and she does not even particularly care for the color). 

Spend some time getting to know your correspondence.  Why do you use the colors, stones, herbs, etc that you use?  Have you tried to use something else in its place because you did not have a particular item and yeilded a greater response with a substitute?  Make sure to keep track of them, you might take notice that your Correspondence can change throught the Wheel of the Year as well with what Gaia makes abundance to us.  This is particularly useful to me within my Kitchen Crafting using my Meals as my spells and finding the magic in them. 

I have received many many emails asking when I will begin writing about Food for my posts again.  I will try to do one for next week for you.  Thank you for the words of encouragement.  I had thought that the interest in it diminished but alas, many of you proved me wrong! 

Blessed Be


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